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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

To help you work out what is what, are now little icons to help you see biscuit related themes. And now you can see at a glance which are the most contested subjects via this graph (requires Flash 6.0 plugin).

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Your e-Mails

Pete McWilliam

Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: Well that's a better effort from Happy Shopper, the last lot we tried were completely out of spec and tasted that way too.


Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: Lovely work Ms Fish.

Actually if you've ever wondered how the bourbon pictured on our site met its end I fed it to one the younger members of staff.

Hannah Brooks
Rocket Science

Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: No we hadn't, that's a lot of fun for 27 pence pack of Bourbons. We once had a picture of a Super Oreo sent to us which frankly looked horrific.

Claire Beecroft

Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: How I love an excuse to get out the flask icon. My Dad used to make tea at work (the Royal Mint at Llantristant) using Five Pints dried milk. I remember it came in a plastic bottle that looked like a proper glass milk bottle.

Actually Wifey and I were out for a nice healthy bike ride earlier and not only did we see a couple of Red phone boxes but I also spied two genuine bottles of milk at the end of somebody's drive and had to pull over to admire them.

As for Soreen Go bars I've not had one but hope they are related to Soreen Malt loaf in some way. Hoorah for malt loaf especially with butter on it.

Dr Greg James
Jaffa cakes

Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: Dr Greg,

There is of course a much bigger Venn diagram in our book. However, the custard cream and bourbon both find themselves in the sandwich biscuit section. The answer to your particular issue is that of course a bourbon isn't a chocolate custard cream or else it would look like one which it doesn't (your second morphology point), also Bourbons should have some little sugar crystals in the upper surface which counts as extras.

A much more compelling argument can be made for the Penguin being a chocolate covered bourbon, although it isn't.

The fact that recently in the last two weeks we've seen biscuit classification taught as an exercise to undergraduates at Bristol University shows that this isn't a trivial matter.

As a Dr you should also know that this is the kind of comment made by wives to husbands designed to elicit a response. Wifey will frequently taunt me with her views on Jaffa Cakes, such as the time we were This Morning with Fern and Philip.