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About us

You have come to the premier web site for tea drinkers who are keen on sitting down and biscuits. Oh and cake aswell. If you eat biscuits then its a fair bet you'll have some cake if its on offer.

Unless otherwise explicity stated all content on NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown is copyright

Nicey's Lousy Grammar and Spelling - A Statement

The world is full of many many people all unique and all different. Some of those people have brains that easily remember the rules of grammar and the sequences of letters that spell out the words of our respective languages. Then again there are those who do not but are quite handy at making Origami animals out of biscuit wrappers. I dear reader fall soundly into the second camp. Difficult as it may be for the people in the first camp to understand the people in the second don't do it to be annoying. They don't do it because they are lazy. They often don't do it because they really know better. They do it because they are innately a bit useless at spelling and grammar. If their American spell checker sneaks in the odd 'Americanized' spelling, it sometimes goes unnoticed. It may sometimes even suggest the wrong word. Do the members of the second camp expect those in the first to make them a paper kangaroo from an old Club wrapper? They do not.

We do strive to correct any errors or spelling mistakes in content as it is added to the site. If you spot something that you think we should fix then a polite and succinct email is always welcome. If you want to tell us that we should know better, then as I have tried to explain we obviously don't. So whilst firing off a blunt email ticking us off may make you feel better, it will unfortunately just divert our energies from making this a fun and interesting place to visit on the world wide web.

Thank you for your understanding.