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What's the little coloured splodge for?

We're introducing a system of icons to help you identify important threads running through the biscuit content on this site. This page will give a vague idea what they might mean, or it might make you more confused. Never mind.


That vital ingredient in some of the worlds great biscuits, without it we would have no chocolate biscuits.


To accompany tea, after biscuits in importance comes cakes, followed by sandwiches I suppose or something like that. Sometimes it is necessary to pause and think of cakes.


You can arrange it in a bowl and then paint its picture, or you can dry it out mash it up and put it in biscuits.

Pink Wafers

The cause of much controversy, the Pink wafer polarizes the biscuit community. Are you for it or against it?

This Planet Earth

Scientists don't know for sure if planets orbiting far distant stars have biscuits on them. Science fiction writers have neglected this topic, so they're not a lot of help then. Its obvious though really, space aliens, must have biscuits and probably some form of space tea, and a bet they like a nice sit down depending on the gravitational field and how many legs they have and their exact arrangement. The strong anthropomorphic principle, argues that this universe is constructed in such a way that intelligent life will come into existence to observe its wonders. Well I'd lump in biscuits as well. If Planks constant was out by a little bit we wouldn't be here to enjoy Fruit Shortcakes and Chocolate digestives, and they wouldn't be around to get scoffed.

Anyhow, we certainly do have biscuits on this planet and we shouldn't forget that.

Rocket Science

My Mum doesn't think they sent people to the moon, she watched a TV programme on it you know. Anyway they did build some big rockets and apparently this was some sort of science.

Many biscuit eaters are pushing at the frontiers of our biscuit knowledge, by eating them in odd ways. Is this some form of science? Could be.


I love France. No I really do. However, there are some issues when it comes to biscuits.


Its the other side of the planet, but thanks to wonder of the interweb, we can share our biscuit knowledge.

New Zealand

Full of mad parrot based fauna, some of which likes to eat windscreen wipers, woo. Apparently they have chocolate fish.


Some people claim that disadvantaged children smell of cheap biscuits. We have recognised this phenomenon and given it it's own icon.