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The polls said

Would you be influenced by Olympians biscuit preferences (7619 Votes)
Yes I would have to eat what they ate (18.81%)
No that would be silly (22.42%)
Only if they ate the ones I liked (26.70%)
If I thought it would help become fitter (11.05%)
They probably don't eat biscuits (21.03%)

Spreadable biscuits (1077 Votes)
It had happen sooner or later (32.87%)
Underlines the importance of biscuits as a food group (10.77%)
My world is now complete (7.61%)
Its an abomination (30.36%)
Coming from Belgium it tastes great but might shorten your life span (18.38%)

Custard Cream now in the OED Dictionary (168 Votes)
About time (15.48%)
I want to work for the OED (9.52%)
Shame on them (7.14%)
Lets put all biscuits in to be on the safe side (54.76%)
What is a Custard Cream? (13.10%)

Business meeting biscuits (369 Votes)
Can make or break the deal (60.16%)
I'm too busy to eat them (7.32%)
Simple fare is best (10.84%)
Must be expensive (9.49%)
I get my PA to check what they are before I attend (12.20%)

Oreos (680 Votes)
I'm British and they are rather nice (35.88%)
I'm British they are not my cup of tea at all (42.65%)
I'm from someplace else and they are Yummy (8.53%)
I'm from someplace else and they are Yuchy (5.44%)
What's an Oreo? (7.50%)

Has the fig roll crisis affected you? (756 Votes)
Crisis what crisis (60.19%)
I'm surviving from day to day (15.08%)
It's a portent of doom I suspect (11.90%)
I don't really care (5.95%)
I was buying them on credit and I can't get any of that either (6.88%)

Should UK airports have a lady with a tea trolley to greet you (1016 Votes)
Definitely (16.34%)
There should be ladies with tea trollies everywhere really (67.22%)
Not required (1.97%)
Could cause issues (3.44%)
Only if she has a decent range of biscuits (11.02%)

Here we go again, teacake cake or biscuit (811 Votes)
Cake (28.48%)
Biscuit (47.10%)
Neither (8.38%)
What about the 3.5 million (7.27%)
I grow weary of this (8.75%)

Harry Roberts thinks that Vienesse Whirls are biscuits (360 Votes)
No Harry it's a cake as made by Mr Kipling (43.61%)
I follow your reasoning Harry but you're still wrong (15.00%)
I'm not sure Harry don't press me on this any further (11.39%)
I'm with you Harry - let the new age of enlightenment commence (30.00%)

Ryvita Biscuit or Not (598 Votes)
Not (82.11%)
I happen to think it is (5.85%)
This third choice does not enable us to have a simple yes no answer (12.04%)

Were we right to have a Jaffa Cake as BOTW (423 Votes)
You clearly had no choice Nicey (38.06%)
Oh yes that's fine (23.17%)
I fear this might be the thin end of the wedge (15.37%)
What were you thinking (10.40%)
I'm struggling to have an opinion at all (13.00%)

Tea as a healthy drink (1057 Votes)
Doesn't really matter to me (15.42%)
Is a nice bonus (61.68%)
Is one reason why I drink it (4.45%)
It's not as healthy as something else I drink a lot of (6.15%)
I'm admitting to not drinking tea (12.30%)

Fruitcake (682 Votes)
When ever possible (22.73%)
Is a dying art (6.60%)
Homemade is best (39.15%)
I don't much care for it (12.02%)
Cake yes, fruit no (19.50%)

Cities that smell of food (1269 Votes)
I've never been to one (27.27%)
Yes I think its a good thing (25.85%)
No it makes me feel it bit ill (13.00%)
Mine smells, but not in a nice way (13.55%)
I'm not at all sure about this poll (20.33%)

The Custard Cream (1334 Votes)
A seminal biscuit with out equal (45.73%)
Elder statesman of the selection tin (16.79%)
Still relevant in the 21st Century (15.14%)
Take them or leave them (8.70%)
No thanks (13.64%)

What yuletide treat should we do a special report on? (814 Votes)
Mince Pies (45.33%)
Lebkuchen (26.78%)
Yule logs (14.62%)
Stollen (13.27%)

Should there be more tea and biscuits in reality TV? (368 Votes)
Yes its gripping (23.37%)
No make them suffer (10.05%)
There should be a whole show devoted to it (50.27%)
They have the balance about right I think (2.45%)
What are you going on about? (13.86%)

Those tube thing packs for HobNobs and Digestives (949 Votes)
Very good idea (16.23%)
Too much packaging (18.65%)
A way of bumping up the price (45.42%)
Give me the ordinary packets please (11.80%)
I don't really care (7.90%)

I would buy Organic biscuits (960 Votes)
If they were a bit cheaper (23.23%)
If I knew they tasted really really good (51.15%)
If I could find them (5.42%)
I already do (9.48%)
Probably never (10.73%)

Little thin frilly little thin dainty biscuits (385 Votes)
Fair enough (18.44%)
Delightful (6.75%)
No give me something hefty (14.29%)
Mybe if they are really tasty (33.77%)
No good will come of it (26.75%)

Is Shortbread representative of UK baking? (874 Votes)
Back off Brussels (12.81%)
No it should be something else (5.61%)
Yes its lovely and we should be proud (14.07%)
I thought it was Scottish (60.07%)
I still don't understand (7.44%)

Jaffa Cake Developments (1379 Votes)
I'm all for innovation (27.12%)
If its not broken don't fix it (15.37%)
They went for the wrong flavours (8.41%)
Actually I don't like Jaffa Cakes (13.49%)
They should just make them bigger that would work for me (35.61%)

Biscuit Cities (1286 Votes)
A terrific idea (50.23%)
A waste of biscuits (33.83%)
Are not what they used to be (9.10%)
Are a good excuse to visit Selfridges (6.84%)

Proper Custard (1406 Votes)
I'm concerned about its future (30.44%)
I haven't had it in years (13.16%)
The basis of a proper pudding (36.63%)
Can't be bothered to make it (8.18%)
I will admit to not liking it (11.59%)

Little packs of biscuits on trains (503 Votes)
Some are very nice actually (52.88%)
Are way to small to be useful (11.73%)
Don't appeal to me (5.57%)
Have some biscuits that I wish I could get in the shops (21.27%)
I bring my own biscuits (8.55%)

Bun defintions (1157 Votes)
Is a small cake in a case, and I'm Northen (25.93%)
Is a small cake in a case, and I'm not Northen (7.69%)
Is a small sweetend bready thing, and I'm Northen (15.13%)
Is a small sweetend bready thing, and I'm not Northen (39.84%)
Is something else and it doesn't matter where I'm from (11.41%)

Should Jammie Dodgers be messed with (404 Votes)
I'm all for innovation (14.85%)
No we fear change (19.31%)
Yes they should put them back to how they were circa 1975 (23.02%)
Only if it's done well (16.09%)
I struggle to have an opinion on this (26.73%)

Fat reduced biscuits (989 Votes)
Are a good idea (18.00%)
Means I can eat more (10.62%)
I'm hooked on the high fat ones (8.39%)
I don't trust them (54.40%)
Who cares (8.59%)

Brandysnaps (617 Votes)
Irresitable (21.72%)
Why only at christmas? (29.34%)
Only in desserts (11.51%)
Not that keen (16.86%)
I'm admitting to never having had one (20.58%)

Best finger (536 Votes)
Cadbury's (69.96%)
Rich tea (11.38%)
Sponge (8.40%)
Something else (10.26%)

How to eat a Jaffa Cake (775 Votes)
Whole (30.84%)
Simple bites (16.26%)
Nibble off edge, then pick apart (38.45%)
Fold till they split open or something (2.84%)
Another way (11.61%)

Prefered electric kettle shape (639 Votes)
Upright Cylinder (49.92%)
Conical (5.63%)
Spherical (or bulbous) (15.81%)
Classic (like our icon) (23.79%)
Some other shape (4.85%)

Are there enough tea spoons? (539 Votes)
Never (46.75%)
I have my own (9.09%)
Not a problem (12.43%)
We use sticks/plastic ones etc (3.34%)
There are but they are all filthy (28.39%)

Prefered drinking vessel (644 Votes)
Cup and saucer (13.35%)
Mug (46.89%)
Big mug (25.62%)
Dainty mug (5.12%)
Something else, jam jar etc (9.01%)

Is the slight slump in tea sales an issue? (778 Votes)
No not really (15.30%)
I'm concerned (10.03%)
They'll be back (12.98%)
I blame the French / Americans / Govenment / etc (47.17%)
I've got a fall-out bunker and enough supplies to last five years (14.52%)

Spread it on biscuits, Rich Teas Maries etc (440 Votes)
Butter (16.36%)
Jam (3.18%)
Nutella (15.00%)
Honey (17.27%)
No don't do it (48.18%)

Doughnuts (659 Votes)
Occaisonally (40.21%)
No thanks (9.71%)
Should know their place (14.26%)
Should be widely availble in lots of different types actually (22.76%)
Must have holes in them (13.05%)

Drinking tea by the pint (387 Votes)
Is a good plan (41.34%)
Sounds dreadful (6.72%)
Would go cold and nasty (26.36%)
Indicates a deeper problem (8.27%)
Is fine but not for me (17.31%)

The subject of toast (397 Votes)
Has been woefully overlooked (66.50%)
Has been afforded enough coverage (3.53%)
Belongs elsewhere (18.39%)
Is not something I wish to vote on (11.59%)

I buy fairtrade biscuits (489 Votes)
More often than not (12.27%)
If I think they are priced right (2.86%)
If they look very nice (13.29%)
Occaisonaly (17.79%)
Actually I haven't (53.78%)

Mug handle design (571 Votes)
Rarely a problem (31.35%)
Causes issues (23.12%)
As long as they are big (35.90%)
I like dainty ones (5.08%)
I don't drink from mugs (4.55%)

Which way up is a Chocolate biscuit? (582 Votes)
Choc side up (86.08%)
Biscuit side is up (8.25%)
It's not important (5.67%)

Does the snowy weather affect your tea drinking? (653 Votes)
Yes I drink more (57.43%)
Not that I'd noticed (18.22%)
Bizzarely I'm drinking less (4.75%)
I don't drink it anyway (13.02%)
I drink another sort of tea (it could happen) (6.58%)

Bourbon shortage? (497 Votes)
What shortage (57.14%)
Yes I'd noticed that (11.07%)
I've got a stockpile (5.43%)
Doesn't concern me (12.47%)
Just turn around sonny and keep walking back the way you came there ain't nothing here for you (13.88%)

Airline tea (272 Votes)
A life saver in a tight spot (25.37%)
The cups are too small (17.65%)
Is too weak (2.57%)
Passes the time (7.72%)
Could be made from anything really (46.69%)

Decaffeinated Tea? (452 Votes)
An important development (17.92%)
It might be handy at some point (16.37%)
Tried it didn't like it (6.19%)
Shouldn't be allowed (59.51%)

Teabag squeezing (427 Votes)
Is the secret of a good cuppa (61.36%)
Doesn't bother me (14.29%)
Isn't necessary (9.84%)
Is utterly wrong (14.52%)

Biscuits and the New Year (488 Votes)
Business as usual (50.41%)
I've given them up (6.15%)
Allegedly I'm on a diet (19.88%)
I'm buying up all the cut price Christmas biscuits (9.84%)
Got to finish last years biscuits first (13.73%)

Favourite seasonal tea time accompaniment (635 Votes)
Mince pie (43.62%)
Christmas cake (14.80%)
Yule log (17.48%)
Stollen (16.22%)
Brandy snap (7.87%)

Has the Coconut ring taken over from the Pink Wafer in a Rover Tin? (359 Votes)
I don't know what you mean (17.27%)
Yes it has (12.81%)
Stop picking on coconut biscuits (18.11%)
I like both of them (6.96%)
I miss the pink wafers (44.85%)

The best milk for tea (389 Votes)
Any will do (5.91%)
Full cream (11.05%)
Semi skimmed (61.44%)
Skimmed (11.31%)
None (10.28%)

New low salt Jammie Dodgers (188 Votes)
I prefer them (10.64%)
I can't tell the difference (10.11%)
I noticed but didn't mind (4.79%)
Bring back the old ones (32.45%)
I didn't like them anyway (42.02%)

I've tried the new Wagonwheels (200 Votes)
They are very nice actually (37.50%)
Still as wagonwheely (5.00%)
No they are wrong (12.00%)
Still not keen (12.50%)
I'm still hung up on the size thing (33.00%)

Tins of danish butter biscuits (405 Votes)
Are lovely at Christmas (48.40%)
Are dull and boring (13.09%)
Are a perfect present (3.70%)
Are palmed off on somebody else (22.47%)
Aren't very nice (12.35%)

Oatcakes are (630 Votes)
Biscuits (24.60%)
Cakes (3.02%)
Crackers (20.00%)
Their own thing (39.68%)
Unknown to me (12.70%)

Your views on Eccles cakes are? (569 Votes)
Very nice, yum (45.34%)
I'd have one if it was going (23.37%)
Not keen (9.49%)
Definately not (7.56%)
Eccles what? (14.24%)

Are you happy with your kettle? (703 Votes)
Yes it's lovely (37.98%)
Mostly (25.04%)
The thought never really crossed my mind (14.22%)
No it's annoying (11.66%)
It's not as good as our old one (11.10%)

How important is caffine in your life? (482 Votes)
Not at all (24.07%)
Mildly (18.88%)
Fairly (12.24%)
Very (10.37%)
Vital (34.44%)

I drink herbal tea (391 Votes)
All the time (9.21%)
Now and again (28.64%)
Not if I can help it (10.49%)
When hell freezes over (51.66%)

Do you make your own biscuits? (327 Votes)
Often (12.84%)
Occaisonally (36.09%)
Once I did (27.52%)
Never (13.46%)
I didn't know you could (10.09%)

Definative Malted Milk picture (562 Votes)
Big cow Little Cow (80.43%)
Milk churns, Cow (4.63%)
Cow, gate (1.96%)
I don't have a point of view about this (12.99%)

What entices you to try a new biscuit (198 Votes)
Its name (12.63%)
The picture on the pack (68.18%)
The manufacturer (2.53%)
A recommendation (15.15%)
The price (1.52%)

Do you take your own teabags on holiday? (378 Votes)
Always (33.86%)
Sometimes (34.13%)
Never (20.63%)
I don't use teabags (11.38%)

Best Club biscuit (880 Votes)
Milk (22.61%)
Orange (29.43%)
Fruit (28.98%)
Mint (17.27%)
Wafer (1.70%)

Jammie Dodgers and Marmite (502 Votes)
I like both (43.23%)
I like only Jammie Dodgers (31.67%)
I like only Marmite (14.54%)
I like niether (4.38%)
I have actually tried Jammie Dodgers with Marmite (6.18%)

Iced tea (536 Votes)
Never had it (17.35%)
I like it (29.66%)
I have to be in the mood (13.43%)
Don't like it (6.34%)
Is a crime against humanity (33.21%)

Does the hot weather affect your tea drinking? (247 Votes)
I drink more tea (20.65%)
I drink less tea (36.84%)
I drink different tea (6.88%)
I've not noticed (27.13%)
Yes but in a way you've not mentioned (8.50%)

Crumpets should be topped with (585 Votes)
Butter (49.57%)
Butter and sweet stuff like jam etc (23.25%)
Cheese (8.72%)
Butter and savory like cheese, marmite etc (13.68%)
Yes, yes, but not butter (4.79%)

Glace Cherries (418 Votes)
A force for good (24.16%)
Are no good (12.68%)
Alright if in bits (7.66%)
I fear them (32.30%)
I eat them from their little pot if I can (23.21%)

Fairy cakes should be topped with (411 Votes)
Buttercream and bits of the cake top (57.42%)
White Icing glace cherry (12.41%)
Pink Icing glace cherry (6.08%)
Icing and hudreds and thousands (18.00%)
Jam and cream and cake bits (6.08%)

Ok, which of these other things is best on toast (311 Votes)
Sugar (4.82%)
Baked Beans (47.27%)
Honey (29.58%)
Sardines (12.54%)
Dripping (5.79%)

Best savoury topping for toast (249 Votes)
Cheese (43.37%)
Peanut butter (9.24%)
Marmite (36.55%)
Bovril (2.41%)
Something else (8.43%)

Best sweet topping for toast (319 Votes)
Jam (31.66%)
Marmalade (34.17%)
Lemon Curd (11.29%)
Chocolate spread (10.34%)
Something else (12.54%)

Pregnent ladies, did you go off (108 Votes)
Tea (36.11%)
Coffee (28.70%)
Both (12.96%)
Niether (22.22%)

Best way to eat hot cross buns (406 Votes)
Straight (14.04%)
Cold with butter (14.29%)
Cold with butter and jam (1.23%)
Toasted with butter etc (61.33%)
No thanks (9.11%)

Are pies and tarts the same thing? (476 Votes)
Yes, interchangable (7.77%)
No pies have lids, tarts don't (73.95%)
Pies are savoury tarts are sweet (10.08%)
It depends how big they are (2.52%)
It's some other reason (5.67%)

Kimberleys (285 Votes)
I'm Irish and I love them (20.00%)
I'm Irish and I don't like them (4.21%)
I'm not Irish and I like them (5.96%)
I'm not Irish and I don't like them (9.12%)
What? (60.70%)

How long do you leave the tea bag to brew in a mug. (384 Votes)
five seconds (10.42%)
ten seconds (15.89%)
thirty seconds (36.46%)
a minute or more (32.29%)
I don't take it out (4.95%)

Which activity most depletes the body's tea reserves? (196 Votes)
Sleeping (13.27%)
Shopping (49.49%)
Working (23.47%)
Gardening (2.55%)
Nice walks (11.22%)

How much milk in those little individual pots? (256 Votes)
Enough for one cup (19.14%)
I need two (25.78%)
Sort of one and a bit does it for me (32.42%)
More than two (6.25%)
Its vile I go without (16.41%)

Best Tarts (342 Votes)
Jam (22.22%)
Lemon curd (17.84%)
Treacle (17.54%)
Egg Custard (34.80%)
Apple (7.60%)

How many biscuits with a cuppa on average? (354 Votes)
1 - 2 (41.53%)
3 - 4 (34.75%)
5 - 6 (7.06%)
Stopped counting (7.63%)
None (9.04%)

Biscuits at work meetings (190 Votes)
Usually (39.47%)
Unlikely (10.00%)
Never (15.26%)
Bring your own (8.95%)
External clients only (26.32%)

Using tea bags (280 Votes)
Is wonderful (53.93%)
Does the job (32.50%)
Not very good (1.79%)
Loose tea is the only way (11.79%)

Lapsang souchong (389 Votes)
Mmm lovely (29.31%)
Never had it (17.48%)
Occasionally (9.77%)
Yuck (9.77%)
Words can't describe how nasty it is (33.68%)

When to Dunk? (353 Votes)
Never (14.16%)
Only suitable biscuits (52.69%)
In private (7.37%)
Occaisonally (6.80%)
Anything anytime any place (18.98%)

Best HobNob? (244 Votes)
Original (18.85%)
Milk Chocolate (28.69%)
Plain Chocolate (28.69%)
Don't like them (8.61%)
Bring back Abbey Crunch (15.16%)

Tea made in the mug (314 Votes)
Bag, water, bag out, milk (63.06%)
Bag, water, milk, bag out (16.56%)
Bag, milk, water, bag out (7.32%)
Bag, water, bag out, no milk (4.78%)
Some other way (8.28%)

Tea from the pot (176 Votes)
Milk in first (55.68%)
Milk in last (26.70%)
No milk (7.39%)
Lemon (2.27%)
It depends.. (7.95%)

Earl Grey (347 Votes)
Mmm, Make it so (39.77%)
Vile (31.12%)
Have to be in the mood (22.77%)
Never had it (6.34%)

KitKat (174 Votes)
Biscuit (27.01%)
Chocolate bar (62.07%)
Both (10.92%)

Pink Wafers (429 Votes)
Love them (42.66%)
Hate them (24.94%)
I have to be in the mood (31.70%)
Never had them (0.70%)

What's the best Rich Tea? (310 Votes)
Round (53.55%)
Finger (13.55%)
Thick Teas (4.52%)
Choc covered (16.77%)
No thanks (11.61%)

Best way to eat a bourbon? (288 Votes)
Just take bites (30.90%)
Break apart to eat filling then biscuits (31.94%)
Must be dunked (19.44%)
I Don't like them (12.85%)
None of the above (4.86%)

What is the acceptable shortened form of "Biscuit"? (235 Votes)
Biccy (49.79%)
Bicky (7.23%)
Bickey (0.85%)
Don't shorten it (20.00%)
Biccie (22.13%)

Which way up in the scone? (199 Votes)
Jam then Cream (72.36%)
Cream then Jam (27.64%)