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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Ashley Stark

Lincoln Review

Lizzie Scammell

Lincoln Review
Nicey replies: Hullo Lizzie Scammell,

You are as far as I'm aware the first person to actually give this matter some/any consideration so well done. It's certainly a good go at a new SI unit for biscuit to moon type measurements. Most SI units seemed to named after pioneers in the field such as the volt or watt, so maybe it should be the tunnock or some thing.

As for Lincoln biscuits, biscuit enthusiast Mandy (Mrs B) says that her mum used to bring her a cup of tea in bed with a Lincoln when she was growing up too. So perhaps you two are dopplegangers

Nicey replies: I used to work with online hotel booking systems where the hoteliers had to fill in all the features and benefits of their accommodation. I did manage to get the company to let me put in a tick box for biscuits in the room although obviously I was pitching for a full breakdown of exactly what types and quality quantity etc. As far as I know only one hotel every ticked the box.

I still think a little plastic facsimile of the in-room biscuits on their sign next to the stars, diamonds, crowns or whatever would be good.

Fig rollsBiscuit tinCheese please
Nicey replies: Phil,

Thanks for getting us back on to a sensible topic. My personal call would to class the Cheddar as a savoury cracker, and not a biscuit. Given that its a savoury rather than a sweet product I feel happy with that. Also Cheddars would need some form of quarantine from other biscuits if placed in the same biscuit tin confinement to their packet. Other wise you might end up with cheesy custard creams or some other embarrassing problem.

Having said that a school friend of mine went through quite a big Cheddars phase where he would have a fig roll followed by 2 or 3 cheddar chasers. The two went together very well probably a bit like having fruit with your cheese board. So I would acknowledge the Cheddars ability to mix convivially with biscuits, perhaps more than any other cracker. I'm sure it could always hang about with those Hovis Digestives if it were feeling a bit left out, as they both share an interest in cheese.

Stephen McChrystal

Thin Arrowroot Review
Nicey replies: I stand by every word of it and my Granny had Abbey Crunch in her pantry.