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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Jon Gerrard
Rocket Science
Nicey replies: Yes it sounds absolutely safe, no problems there. Very similar process to mixing up Araldite only with out using a match and an old jam jar lid. I've always thought that a keen interest in Araldite was a good indicator of the onset of middle age. Think of us when you have made your first 2.2 million pounds (1 million goes nowhere nowadays apparently).

Brent Eades
Jaffa cakesCanada
Nicey replies: Actually it would be more shocking if Mick Jagger didn't like Jaffa cakes, and before we lower the tone of the whole site we should probably leave it at that.

Steve Worrall
CakeJammie DodgerJamButter

Jam Sandwich Creams Review
Nicey replies: Right a great deal to get through here. First off that's a Jam Cream Sandwich which Fox's are building there, a Jammie Dodger is not only different not having cream, but is a built solely by Burtons. Its a bit like calling your Dyson Vacuum cleaner a Hoover. Sorry for the pedantic bit there but I would be remiss if I didn't wade in.

Any how the Mr Kipling Viennese whirl is avery undervalued thing, and in a great many European countries would get away with calling itself what ever it fancied. Cake or biscuit they wouldn't really care. However in the UK it would have to be a cake, and not just beacuse as we all know, Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good ones, and he made these, but also because I don't think it can be classed as a pastry as it has raising in it. If it was a pastry I would probably just join a circle straight to cakes in the mighty NCOTAASD Venn Diagram of such things which is always open for a bit of a fiddling with.

Simon Wright
Nicey replies: Simon,

Hoorah for academia and thank you for the mention! I was pleased to see that our book which is in Cambridge University Library warranted the creation of three of its own catalogue categories 'Tea -Great Britain - Humour', 'Afternoon Tea -Great Britain - Humour' and rather worryingly 'Cookies - Great Britain - Humour'. I assume that the Librarian involved must be American.

Mind you Wifey informs me that apparently Trinny and Suzanna mention us in the back of their latest book so you are in good company.

Jim Fussell
Nicey replies: Hello Jim,

How charming. I'm guessing from your description that would have been some kind of enchanted van, possibly with pixies (good or evil) knocking out the biscuits behind the scenes. Did the purveyor have a brightly coloured hat or suit and strange moustache, and a name along the lines of Dr Munchbiccie? Perhaps it was all part of a scheme to abduct IT professionals who have strayed too far from their offices and take them back to his magic castle. It would most likely be somewhere on the M4 corridor. There he'll enslave them in forced labour toiling to program some enormous back office system to administer afore mentioned magic castle using some evil technology platform (fill in your preferred evil technology - I'll take ASP thank you).

Did you spot a very large net?

Did the van play sinister yet spell binding ice-cream van music?

So many questions - don't suppose you got a photo.