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Damon Rostron
World of Biscuits
Nicey replies: Thanks for the Grey Dunn wafer info. I was in South Wales in the '70s so maybe that is my excuse.

As for Sweden, I did once have some thin ginger biscuits from Sweden, which you were supposed to consume with a sort of pre-bottled mulled wine called Glurg I think, into which you dropped large raisins and almonds. They were quite nice, a bit delicate, and possibly a little vulnerable if they were to find themselves in major biscuit eating session where there was tea present. If you see any attractive biscuits whilst in Scandinavia then we would be delighted to hear about them, photos would be good too.

Paul MacFarlane
World of Biscuits
Nicey replies: Excellent and also a coincidence that we were reviewing Ginger Nuts this week. We were going to use nicecupoftea as our domain name by that was being cyber-squatted so we went for the the more correct and full nicecupofteaandasitdown. It was only a matter of time before somebody typed it into their browser.. Hoorah! Right I'm off down the pub..

Maddalena Feliciello
Rocket Science
Nicey replies: Yay, you know you have found a serious biscuit oriented web site when discussions turn to Biochemistry.

A T Lewney
CakeFruitRocket Science
Nicey replies: Good question. Stuff beginning with X is rocket science by definition. I have never seen Xanthan gum for sale, but I have seen it in stuff, Sunny Delight for instance as you might expect contains it (I once read the ingredients of Sunny Delight to try and figure out if it was indeed as sinister as it appears to be). Whether or not they simply added it because it begins with X and they were working through the alphabet in some kind of sick ingredient stunt or maybe it is to do with 'mouth feel' which I think is the term for industrial chemists would use when building vats of Sunny Delight. Maybe it is part of the emulsification of the vegetable oil in the solution of sugar, and chemicals which is central to the production of Sunny Delight. Perhaps it is a by product of the production of Sunny Delight, which spontaneously gives rise to stuff that begins with X, and Sunny Delight itself is presumably a by product of detergent manufacturing.

You could try Holland and Barrett.

Barry Newman
Cork Hat - AustraliaKiwi - Kiwis

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