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Saturday 26 Jan 2002

Ahh the simple shortcake biscuit, always there to bulk out the biscuit tin.

A steady performer the shortcake is often overlooked but always a welcome sight on the biscuit plate. It really comes into its own in those little packs of biscuits you get in hotel rooms, with the biscuit eater will greeting it like a long lost friend.

Its edge pattern makes it appear like a little 'road up' sign, again reinforcing its identity as a workhorse of the biscuit world.


Plain Chocolate Gingernut

Tuesday 16 Jul 2002

I was stunned to see these in the supermarket for the first time this week.

Those McVities chocolate engineers have done it again. I'm not big on plain chocolate, although judging from your comments it seems that plain chocolate hobnobs are rated higher than milk chocolate ones. That said this combination produces a very classy biscuit, almost an after dinner biscuit. They are also quite rich which has allowed them to put up a good fight.

I haven't tried these with coffee as I only tend to drink it once a month or so, but it would almost be worth making a pot to go with these.

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Malted Milk

Saturday 12 Jan 2002

The Cow biscuit. Fantastic. Best biscuit graphics ever.

Look at it, its a got a big standing up cow and a little sitting down one. The skilled cow biscuit eater will be able to nibble off the outer bits of the biscuit to leave just the cows, which surely are the most delicious bits.

If I was some kind of sultan bloke I would no doubt have a harem of girlys nibbling the cows out of malted milk biscuits for me.

I was reminded, by biscuit enthusiast Mandy of the Sports biscuit which was very similar to the malted milk but has little stick people on them doing stuff like tennis or swimming.

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