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Your Views

Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Barry Nield

Malted Milk Review
Nicey replies: Hello Barry,

Well it sounds like you are already on top of most of the important aspects of biscuit selection, although I would say crumbs are another aspect to keep in mind. What ever you bring along will probably be very welcome. To be honest I seem to remember that it was me who ate all the biscuits as Wifey wasn't really in a biscuit mood. I also seem to recall that I went out on a limb and brought Cadbury's Chocolate fingers, a very non-standard biscuit for us.

Thinking about it rationally and with hindsight I would have probably gone for some fig rolls, malted milks and possibly a small pack of digestives, although modern post-hydogenated fat Digestives are very crumbly. However, something that shouldn't be overlooked was the on tap supply of NHS tea and toasted sliced white with Golden Shred marmalade that was available when the YMOS made their debut.

I recent years we have taken to baking large NCOTAASD fruitcakes for our friends when the have their own younger members of staff. In fact Mr ad Mrs T are due YMOS No 2 in about 6 weeks time and Mrs T is already making space in her cake tin.

Another thing to watch out for is that fact that post birth you'll be all over the show and may well not be entirely capable of making rational biscuit choices due to excitement, warm fuzzy feelings, lack of sleep and confusion as the Wife sends you out to buy all sorts of strange things you've never heard of before down aisles of the supermarket you didn't even know existed.

Sam Duggins

Malted Milk Review
Nicey replies: That is indeed troubling news, as Asda are usually a sure bet for Malted Milks. The Elks Malted Milks with the irreverent portrayals of Malted Milk cows are I feel undignified. One reader of the site carefully emailed me on two occasions with pictures of the afore mentioned biscuits, which I chose to overlook due to their demeaning of the classical form.

Sainsburys are usually a good bet too for Malted Milks.

Tasty taste

Malted Milk Review
Nicey replies: Yes Sainsbury's have dropped the ball on this one. That's a ropey old Malted Milk, with tripod the cow and its missing bobbles. This is a dark day indeed as Sainbury's have always led the in field Malted Milks. Perhaps this is a precondition to do with their imminent take over, perhaps they ordered the biscuit buyer to sabotage their much admired Malted Milks.

I sense dark forces are at work or maybe I've been playing too much Lego Star Wars with the YMOS.

Frances Jones

Malted Milk Review
Nicey replies: Oh no, yet another of those "calling cows with your Alpine horn" themed emails.

Jez Turner

Malted Milk Review
Nicey replies: Good work, a very solid selection there. I had a nice sit down with the younger members of staff about 2pm too, taking a break from weeding the borders. We sheltered from the rain under the sun umbrella and all had cups of tea to wash down with the last of the French palets from holiday and couple of the BOTW.

Currently writing a new biscuit of the week which is turning into a mild rant about some of the less inspired bits of the French language.