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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Stephen McChrystal

Thin Arrowroot Review
Nicey replies: I stand by every word of it and my Granny had Abbey Crunch in her pantry.

Rosemary Laidlaw

Thin Arrowroot Review
Nicey replies: Good for you Rosemary,

We shall all think of your straight forward no nonsense approach to Thin Arrowroot appreciation next time we personally pass them over.

Dorian Lid

Thin Arrowroot Review
Nicey replies: Well I think Turkey should have that high on their lists of reasons for getting into the EU, "Have Turkish delight flavoured jam, made by Penguins". Good plan with the Jam tarts. Well done for sticking up for the Arrowroot it needs friends because out of nearly 2000 votes in our biscuit poll it's still showing a zero as anybody's favourite, and 00.3% people have them regularly.

Stuart Mason

Thin Arrowroot Review
Nicey replies: Stuart,

Good grief what a violent lifestyle you lead, we rarely get correspondence from people who have been disfigured by half a Rich Tea. In fact yours is the first.

As for Bruce Willis it's been my observation that in Die Hard films he can be repeatedly shot in various parts of his anatomy and yet still run around quite happily, therefore its going to require quite a substantial biscuit to take him down.

I have always thought that the thin Arrowroot would make quite an effective Ninja Star substitute as it's very hard and thin. Perhaps a hail of these might disable Mr Willis long enough for you to see him off with your shortbread petticoat tail (yes that's their proper name which doesn't sound quite so menacing)

David Grennall

Thin Arrowroot Review
Nicey replies: Well of course the original Beer biscuit was the Thin Arrowroot which used to be sold in pubs from large glass jars on the bar. Personally I would have to be fairly lashed up to want to eat Thin Arrowroot biscuits.

Of course there is no right or wrong biscuit to eat when driven to the biscuit tin by beer. In fact the situation can work to ones own advantage as often you are able to see off less appealing biscuits that may normally be overlooked, thus freeing up valuable tin space. I would simply encourage your colleagues to keep a well stocked and diverse tin prepared for all eventualities.

You would of course be foolish not to have a few Digestives handy.