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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Jackson Green
ChocolateKiwi - Kiwis

HobNob Review
Nicey replies: Jackson,

We call Dark Chocolate, Plain Chocolate, when we aren't calling it Dark Chocolate.

re: white chocolate. I have a consignment of Kiwi Snow Toffee pops on its way to me ETA Wednesday, although they might be a bit melted and smashed.

Andy Price
TeaSeek you the GrailKettles

HobNob Review
Nicey replies: Yes we had a big discussion about electric kettles and America back in September. The conclusions were that even those electric kettles that did exist in the States weren't able to boil water as fast as our Brit kettles due to their weedy 120V electricity. Hoorah! for proper dangerous power supplies. This seemed to explain the barbarous practice of making tea in microwave ovens, prevalent in the US.

As for dodgy American biscuits, Biscuit Enthusiast Mandy has just brought me back a packet of something with peanut butter in, from New York. I have to have a sneaking regard for the Americans ingenuity in getting rid of their mountains of surplus peanut butter. Perhaps anybody driving one of those odd looking Chrysler Roadsters around the UK might want to get the door panels off just in case the Yanks have stashed a few gallons of spare crunchy peanut butter in there.

Jess Mar

HobNob Review

Zoe Healy

HobNob Review
Nicey replies: Zoe,

Oh yes that all sounds a perfectly plausible explination, well done.

Ben Keen

HobNob Review
Nicey replies: Would it be glib to say a marketing person at McVities? Alright its an acronym 'Happy Old Brown Nice Oat Biscuit'.

Or it might be from the expression to 'Hob Nob', implying you are obtaining gratification by mixing with your social betters, which captures the aspirational aspects of the biscuit. No, I'm going for the acronym again.