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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Eoin O'Donnell

Custard Cream Review
Nicey replies: The custard cream is a classic biscuit whose stature in the biscuit world cannot be undone with a throw away snide comment. Indeed such biscuits (the bourbon, digestive, rich tea to name but a few) have transcended into another realm of biscuit existence which goes far beyond any partisan company allegiances, fads or standard product lifetime curves. They are now timeless classics whose purity of design and purpose can put us back in touch with the essence of a cuppa and a sit down. Those who are blinkered and unwilling to appreciate such glorious simplicity have our sympathy.

Rosalind Levy
FruitSeek you the GrailIreland

Custard Cream Review
Nicey replies: Every so often we get a mail from somebody trying to track down some Orange Creams. The last ones I saw in the wild were in the biscuit aisle of an Iceland as part of a three pack of custard, orange and coconut creams. The Iceland in question has since been demolished and a whole new set of of shops built, so it was a while back.

I have seen various flavoured cream biscuits originating from Ireland, such as raspberry creams and these were made I think under the Bolands brand which was used by Jacobs. These could occasionally turn up in the UK in small grocers and the like. Since the acquisition of Jacobs in Ireland by Fruitfield in 2004 I'm not sure what has been happening with the Bolands brand, or products. However we have heard that the Irish have fixed their Club Milk back from the rubbish raft format adopted in 2001 to the proper sandwich format we all know and love, so they certainly seem like a force for good.

Yes I am aware that I have completely wandered off the point now.

Emma Marshall
Cork Hat - AustraliaCustard

Custard Cream Review

Greg Shailes

Custard Cream Review
Nicey replies: Hello Greg,

They may have been talking about this story

Apparently tea drinking is up in the 20-34 year old bracket for the first time in 3 years. Seems that tea is giving those fizzy drinks with all of their various dissolved bits and bobs in a run for their money. Never mind the health benefits its less plastic bottles to bulldoze into landfill.

Good work on the Custard Cream eating too.

Margret Spencer

Custard Cream Review
Nicey replies: This Lionel chap has been mentioned to me before, but I've never seen that programme in the UK. Anyhow you are right, a Custard tart is an individual or 8 inch (usually for the big ones) sweet pastry case filled with egg custard and with nutmeg sprinkled on top. A custard cream is exactly as we have showed in our biscuit review two shortcake biscuits sandwiching some vanilla flavoured soft icing.

Wonder no more.