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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Kathryn Golding

Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: Oh dear its all so undignified like getting your granny up to sing rap numbers.

Nicey replies: Hello Monkey,

Yes apparently they are planning to lock me in the warehouse for a day or two signing them so they can be sold under a different ISBN or something. If I'm ever in Texas I'll be sure to pop over to you for a cuppa, especially if its cycling distance.

Wifey has already decided that she is playing herself in the film, and I'm going to be played by Bradd Pitt. I wonder if he has the range to play a bloke who likes fig rolls washed down with a couple mugs of tea.

Fiona Taylor
Cheese pleaseDunkingAeroplanes
Nicey replies: Fiona,

First congratulations on getting the dunking, cheese and airplane icons altogether, well done. Yes, those Dunkers have been mentioned to me once before, I never had them and as you elude to it doesn't appear that they are sorely missed. As for melting cheese in your tea, that is something that you have obviously come to terms with, and if by sharing it with the world it helps you work through it then we are glad to help.

As we are now officially in book plugging mode, I would like to point out that I discuss trains and planes in our sitdown section.

Nick Fletcher

Carol Schaessens
Nicey replies: Carol,

You raise a very thought provoking point about biscuit pack length. I think perhaps one of the longest packs I've seen is Burton's chocolate biscuits which are called something a bit naughty like 'homeblest' or something, they must of been getting on for 18 inches, maybe. Wouldn't be great if somebody took up the challenge and made packs that were right on the edge of what was possible, I'm guessing that's about 4'6", or 1.5m. You could take them home on your roof rack.

As for the spelling guilty as charged, which is why I put the apology at the end of every newsletter. Two spell checkers and a literate Wife are still not enough. For the book they had four people proofing it, just to be safe. Of course what people who can spell well don't realise is that its very difficult to use a dictionary if you can't spell very well, as you only have a very dim idea of how to look up the word your after. In fact the bigger the dictionary the worse it gets it can take ten minutes to find what you're looking for. Also they seem to think we do it out of lazyness, but of course we don't realise we are doing it, which is why we never use the dictionary in the first place. Its also a good reason not to use Word as it hates everything I write, throwing itself into dementia as it underlines everything trying to think of a different way of putting it. I get twisted pleasure if it actually crashes due to my lousy spelling. I think they should animate the paper clip throwing itself under a bus or something at this point.