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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Ginger Nut Review
Nicey replies: Hester,

We drink PG.

As for Ginger matters, Tom who edited our book and his wife are both of the Ginger persuasion and for their wedding cake had a huge ginger one with a Gingerbread groom and bride on top. Perhaps you should up the ante and carry around lumps of ginger, and those little jars of it to snack on.

James Robinson

Custard Cream Review
Nicey replies: Jim,

You'll probably be best advised heading to the Republic of Ireland, and getting hold of some Bolands Raspberry Creams. I had some back in the summer. They weren't that nice actually a bit like raspberry blancmange flavouring that had gone a little astray. You may just be lucky enough to spot some in a corner shop type establishment which is where I think the pack I had emanated from.

Keith O'Kane

Emily Hopkins
Nicey replies: Well in Balamory PC Plum finishes off a plate of Miss Hoolie's Custard Creams whilst on his rounds, as well as a cuppa. This evidently means he is a bad-un, on the take and up there with the likes of Don Beeche of the Bill (although he seems to be in Eastenders now).

Tim Mosedale

Custard Cream Review
Nicey replies: Hi Tim,

Yes the Custard Cream thing went well. Mind you I was alarmed that completely out of the blue Linda Barker interjected in that way she does, just when I was apparently getting into my stride. I hope they pay that poor girl from Curry's who does all the work in the adverts telling you how much the tellies and dvd players cost and so on, more money than the Barker woman who just comes on and does something annoying with her fingers. Plus she's started sending us junk mail trying to convince us to buy her settees.

Any how most mornings I have to scrape a goodly sized amount of Weetabix of the facilities here at NCOTAASD HQ thanks to the younger members of staffs dubious spoon handling. Failure to do so and it sets into a hard implacable lump, which requires a pair of pliers to detach. Dunking them into milk with out protective plastic sheeting every where seems foolhardy.