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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Keith O'Kane
Nicey replies: When I was chatting on the radio about it the chairman of the Tea Council flatly refuted any claims that coffee was involved. He also thought the figures were a bit misleading, and not as much as painted by Mintel. He put the blame on fizzy drinks and herbal teas, but made the point that their findings are that people switch to tea as soon as they go to collage or get a job.

Good point about the Americans, we don't want to end up with the sort of society that gives rise to Barney rather than Balamory.

Greg Shailes
Nicey replies: Sounds like she was calling the bottom sludge 'glopping'. Any how to be fair it's not a pleasant business dealing with other peoples bottom sludge, I would consider it good etiquette for dunkers to clean out their own mugs. I suppose in the movies when they want to artificially simulate lots of 'glopping' for an epic tea and biscuit dunking scene they let a couple of Weetabix go soggy in milk and use that. I bet that will turn up in one of those bonus 'The making of' special edition DVDs at some point.

Jason Cook

Steve Stone
Nicey replies: Steve,

As we have always said we drink PG and so personally that is that. However, of course the points you raise are of real importance to real people's lives, and we are very happy to give them space here. PG have this to say about their responsibility to producers and their membership of the Ethical Tea Partnership, as are Tetley. Now I'm the first to say that I've not had first hand experience and witnessed the arguments either way with my own eyes. It is, however, of note that such a body exists and and that it was set up by the industry to provide independent monitoring of its own practices.

The fact that more and more people such as yourself are being vocal about these issues is putting increasing pressure on the industry to be transparent about the practices involved in tea production. Your right as a consumer to choose fairtrade products is having a real effect on the market, and market leading products ultimately have no choice but to respond to that constructively or loose market share. After all if the big brands are seen to be actively addressing ethical issues then surely this will lead to a far greater result for all concerned in the long run.

Yes obviously drinking tea from plastic is far from ideal, however, at times such as on the 9:45 Kings Cross Express it does the job nicely.

Chris Rayment

Garibaldi Review
Nicey replies: Hoorah for you and your ladyness Chris (we worked it out ages ago..). Yes there are some good fruity biscuits to be had in the Go-Ahead range, which is recovering nicely from its initial Mr Motivator led campaign, some ten or so years ago.