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Ben Riordan
TeaTea cosy
Nicey replies: You are very wise to plan ahead like this. Wifey just returned from a short girls trip to Florence with marathon running Bezzer, and she forgot the tea bags (it normally falls to me to remember them). After four days of Liptons Yellow Label she returned home late Monday night in a quite scary tea frenzy.

I find those re-sealable sandwich bags do a good job. Providing you don't put too many tea bags in them (60-80) then they can be easily packed inside other things and act like tea flavoured flow wrap. The space inside of shoes is very appealing but you might want to double bag them for that.

Also six months is a long time, so you'll need to develop sensible techniques to maximise the longevity of your stash. I would suggest that you certainly look at our preferred two cups from one bag method, or the use of a small pot. Finally you might want to to get some more sent to you, or preceding your arrival. If your employer is sympathetic to your needs then maybe you can have some sent to a regional office by your colleagues back home. The setting of supply dumps are the sorts of techniques used by explorers, mountaineers and advancing armies to ensure vital supplies are in place.

Tristan Stephens
Biscuit tinHolidays

Cornish Fairings Review
Nicey replies: Rescued by the Proper Cornish Food Company. I like the name.

Linda Dunn
Nicey replies: The tagged bags are one cup bags, although most people prefer (us included) just to bung a normal bag in their mug and fish it out with a spoon, rather than having all that extraneous string and cardboard. Also the spoon is vital to a properly stirred cup of tea and sort of agitating a suspended bag in your cup does not cut it.

Most brands have such tagged bags but they only really figure largely in catering type scenarios such as trains, and hotel rooms. The ones on our site are various one off promotional ones and I suppose they like the tag as it adds branding.

So really the only advice I can offer is to start taking teaspoons more seriously.

Rachel Pearce

HobNob Review
Nicey replies: Yours is not the only message we have had about this, and indeed I was unable to find any when I last visited a Sainsbury's. Given the steadfast following that it enjoys it is a mystery as to why its failing to grace many a supermarket shelf. I'm assuming the demand is there, I don't imagine there is a problem with supply so I'm as perplexed as you.


Jacob's Orange Club Review
Nicey replies: I used to use one of those binocular microscopes as a student to do insect dissections. I remember a fairly gross incident with a cockroach where its head, which I had been instructed to remove, crawled back into my field of view using its antennae. As I recall I spent the rest of the practical in the tea room dissecting a Jacob's Orange Club biscuit instead.

Anyhow sounds like you had a dream job there, although I'm not sure whose dream it was.