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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Jeremy Thomas
Rocket ScienceDunking

Abbey Crunch Review
Nicey replies: The chap at McVities was probably thinking about the outcome of the digital speckle pattern interferometry program at Loughborough University. This high tech technique adapted from the aerospace industry studies of fighter wings, showed that stresses and strains caused by residual baking moisture can lead to spontaneous fracturing of the biscuits in the pack. The end two just break due to the unsupported over hang of the biscuit over the cream and wear and tear, I expect.

Bandy Watcox

Ginger Nut Review
Nicey replies: Well done on the not smoking thing, stick with it and good luck with your new member of staff.

Years ago when I gave up smoking after leaving University I turned to my childhood pastime of Origami, as a substitute. It worked very well and kept mind and hands occupied. Of course I then wound up hopelessly addicted to paper folding. I used to start climbing the walls when ever I was in one those social situation like drinks down the pub unless I got my hands on a bit of paper. Anything would do, an old shopping receipt, biscuit wrapper, or best of all leaflets. A small Origami dog, was about the same as a Silk Cut where as something complicated like a Kangaroo was worth two Rothmans, or three B&H. A really heavy night would be 3 or 4 dogs a couple of kangaroos and maybe robin.

I've managed to get the paper-folding under control now, but still indulge from time to time say after a big meal or on holiday.

William Clark
Nicey replies: Yes it was a good attempt by them and earned them a lot of attention in the press. Unfortunately they have made too many naive assumptions, which is highlighted by their dismissal of the Rich Tea. As a recreational skier I may find that if I hop on a pair of race tuned world cup downhill skis and take off down the mountain that I may quickly wrap myself round the nearest tree. So is the case with the Rich Tea which has been pared down for lightning fast dunk times, allowing for huge numbers of them to be seen off with a single cuppa. To the recreational dunker it may seem like a tricky customer but in the hands of a pro its a fine tuned dunking classic. The fact that they tried to dunk a giant chocolate covered finger, shows that they really were a bit clueless. None the less some nice biscuit photography and 10 out of 10 for effort.

Alex McLintock
Nicey replies: Quite possibly.

Fiona Taylor
Cheese pleaseDunkingAeroplanes
Nicey replies: Fiona,

First congratulations on getting the dunking, cheese and airplane icons altogether, well done. Yes, those Dunkers have been mentioned to me once before, I never had them and as you elude to it doesn't appear that they are sorely missed. As for melting cheese in your tea, that is something that you have obviously come to terms with, and if by sharing it with the world it helps you work through it then we are glad to help.

As we are now officially in book plugging mode, I would like to point out that I discuss trains and planes in our sitdown section.