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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Iain Farnsworth
World of Biscuits

Oreo Review
Nicey replies: I don't think Oreos taste too bad, but they are a bit of an anticlimax. Those disgusting chocolate sweets the Americans have, with peanut butter in the middle, that's something to be proud of, but Oreos, forget it.

Yes I've seen those eating instructions as well. What's that for! They tell you to pull them apart eat the cream bit then eat the other bits or something, I don't know. If that is what your supposed to do then why go to the trouble of sticking them together! Why not just supply a big old lump of the inside white muck, in a tin or something and a few out side browns bits.

I've also little packets of four Oreos wrapped together as a 'Serving', this too seems futile. I simply don't believe that an American considers 4 Oreos to be a serving, 14 maybe, 4 no.

Dan Baker
Nicey replies: The answer is simple, eat so many of the expensive triple choc ones that you can't face them for months, leaving you free to experiment with other biscuits. 3 packs in a row should do the trick.

Chris Holdsworth
CakeJammie Dodger
Nicey replies: Yep, sounds very useful, I've committed that to memory. It didn't say on the web page but if they were to do big mugs of tea as well, I think people could go there for a weeks holiday, and camp in the car park.

Martin Hinchcliffe
The French
Nicey replies: That was a dangerous and foolhardy stunt at best. Think on.

Pink Wafers
Nicey replies: Razor sharp biscuit logic.

Well done.