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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Thom Curtis
Rocket ScienceDunking
Nicey replies: Yes Thom, of course this is unusual. As to being odd, most of us are, with the possible exception of identical twins who may be even.

Matthew Goodsall
Biscuit tin

Ley Halligan-Davis
Nicey replies: Well, the flap jack is grouped in with cakes dispite its biscuit like ingredients. This is mainly due to the nature of its baking, as a large flattened mass, and its sheer size in comparison to biscuits.

I hope this helps.

I'm also interested to know exactly which home McVities baked these in. Presumably to produce industrial levels of flap jacks they would need a large number of homes, each equipped with a substantial oven.

Emma Tucker
Biscuit tinTea
Nicey replies: I shld like 2 thank u for ur biscuit/biscuit tin/mug thoughts.

My day time mug is a Giant Bee mug, which is particularly effective at enhancing the tea drinking moment. Prior to this I used a Pink Viz mug for many years. TheWife and I enjoy tea from a number of mugs, the least successful of these being a Jar-Jar Binks mug which has strange powers of staining.

Garreth (and Stebbs)
Biscuit tin
Nicey replies: Your biscuit tin rack is based on sound logic, and is therefore a good idea. Hoorah.

As for not liking tea that is purely a personal matter and I see no reason why you cannot lead a normal life enjoying sit downs with some other beverage in much the same fashion as the rest of us. As to the degree of niceness achieved, I can not say, again this is a matter for yourself.

And for tea flavoured biscuits I fear that current technology would be insufficient to produce such a thing, based on the fact that instant tea granules are (were? do they even make them anymore?) really vile.