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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Claire Lawlor
Pink Wafers
Nicey replies: Claire

Thank you for raising such and important and fundamental point. You are of course right that all layers must be finished before moving to the next. The reasons are many fold.

Firstly being a selection box everybody will have their favourites and given that there are a limited number of these they should be shared, skipping ahead is rude as it means you are being selfish and grabbing the goodies for yourself. You should have some self discipline and eat the less fantastic biscuits on the layer that needs finishing. This is not only polite but good for your own personal development as a biscuit eater, teaching you to appreciate more humble biscuits.

Secondly leaving biscuits behind and moving on is wasteful, which is obviously wrong. You should only move to next layer if you have finished the one above, or have a designated person who has willingly agreed to take care of no more than one or two troublesome biscuits such as pink wafers or coconut rings.

I could go on at length about how its precisely these sort of people who are symptomatic of a general decline in standards in society as a whole but I'll leave it there.

Dave Grennall

Cadbury's Fingers Review
Nicey replies: Dave,

In any such survival situation my mind immediately turns to a large pack of Digestives, for all the reasons you outline. Plus being a large pack there would be more to survive with.

Mind you the new Huntley and Palmers have revived the biscuits that were supplied to Capt Scott on his ill fated Antarctic expedition. They turn up in various camping and hiking shops next to the energy bars.

Adrian Hennessy
Fig rolls

Encore Review
Nicey replies: Hi Adrian,

We've just added those LU raspberry jobs to our Biscuit of The Week.

As for the Jacobs Fig Roll they can often seem a bit heavy on the crust to fig ratio but when the mood takes me they can be just the ticket.

Ian Tames

Noblice Review
Nicey replies: Thanks Ian,

I'm impressed that you had to don protective head gear when handling them.

Hiromi Miura
World of BiscuitsJapanese Black Thunder
Nicey replies: I'm very pleased that you can get hold of some proper biscuits, and I know how much you like a nice Nice. It's also good to hear that we are keeping the balance of trade between the two nations, Korea sends us TVs, cars, computers, hair straighteners, HD / DVD players, mobile phones, set top boxes, MP3 players, sat-navs to go in the cars they already sent us, washing machines, microwave ovens, fridge freezers, air conditioning units, digital cameras, vacuum cleaners, hobs and ovens, cam-corders and printers.. and we send them some biscuits.