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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Bryan Hewitt

Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: Well I would side with your workmates, purely beacause I dislike these extra words that bring nothing to the table. I don't like 'Bourbon Cream' either. We all know what's going on, so does the logical extreme 'Chocolate Bourbon Cream' get us any further than 'Bourbon'. If we were from a strange land and unaware of the Bourbon then even if it were to be called a 'Chocolate Bourbon Cream', we would still say 'What's a Bourbon?'.

Surely the Bourbon is self confident enough not to have to add polite 'Chocolates' and 'Creams' to its name. Derivative biscuits have to do all the running, with descriptive nouns, such as the 'White Bourbon' from Rover selections whose technical name is a 'Dark Vanilla Cream Finger'.

David Harman

Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: Yes the dumpy ones are wrong.

Maria Wood

Rich Tea Review
Nicey replies: Maria,

I can give the Rich Tea a hard time because I post up messages from people who disagree, such is the quasi-democracy of NCOTAASD.

As for butter, we have a whole icon for that in the search area so you can find all the messages about that, so thats nice too.

We are soon to undertake a tea tour to the Emerald Isle so you might not have to wait too long for a Coconut Cream review, I'll also have another crack at the Kimberlys too see if its an acquired taste.

Will Weaver
ChocolateSeek you the Grail

HobNob Review
Nicey replies: Ahh in 1986 I was destitute having recently graduated from University, so these HobNob bars were probably a bit too extravagant for me. At the time I think I was subsisting on Gingernuts and Digestives. Still they do sound vaguely familiar. As for Spiras they seemed like flakes that had suffered some kind of melting accident and didn't seem to me to advance the state of the art. You can still get Gold bars though last time I looked.

Emma Forsdick
Nicey replies: We had a nice cup of tea and a sit down in the Cambridge Botanic gardens about two weeks ago, again on a rainy day. We were driven out of the glasshouses due to the younger members of staff deciding to be scared of the carnivorous plants.