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The Wife's bit

Welcome the Wife's very lovely bit of the site.

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I think I'm having a mid-life crisis

Wednesday 16 May 2007
We all do strange things when we reach a 'certain age'. My friend Beryl ran a marathon, some people have affairs or buy a sportscar. Not me, oh no, I have turned into a hippy. It started with me taking up cycling to work, which wasn't a really big deal. It's much quicker than getting the bus or driving, and it lets me feel all smug and 'right on'. Okay, it's only about 13.34 miles, but it was the first step in my madness.

The next step has just happened. I've told Nicey that for my birthday I don't want to go to Paris or New York. No. That'd be silly. I told him I fancied going cycle camping in Suffolk. I dunno what came over me. Maybe it was the fun we had car camping there a few weeks ago, or maybe I want to get back to that hiking camping I did in Cork with the scouts in 1987.

Hmmm, has anyone got any advice as to how we can possibly survive with all we need strapped to our bikes for three days?

In other business it's time for the NCOTAASD annual appeal for the 'Race for Life' for Cancer Research. This year although I am doing it, I'm supporting my niece Kathryn's appeal instead. She's only ten, and is planning to run it for someone very special, so if you're not supporting anyone else (and I hope you all are), then please sponsor her.

I'm not allowed to put a picture of Kathryn on the internet, so here's a picture of some of the NCOTAASD bikes intead.