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The Wife's bit

Welcome the Wife's very lovely bit of the site.

Disagree with her at your peril by mailing

Save Milton Country Park

Wednesday 3 Jan 2007

Our cash strapped district council wants to shut down the nicecupofteaandasitdown park. This is a disaster, as not only is it a very nice park and valuable local asset, it's where we go to get our blackberries and plums to make jam. If you care about local wildlife, the countryside and even the planet, then please, go to the save milton country park site, read about it and sign the petition to keep it open.

Grrrr. This sort of thing really winds me up. We talk about saving the planet, but how can we hope to save the planet if we can't save a little local country park?

Sign up to save the planet!

Alison Hi Wifey
Happy New Year to you, Nicey and the YMOS - yes, I've signed your petition. Outrageous what some Councils will do to try and save money. You'll probably find some massive great planning application for housing is sneaked in to replace it if you're not vigilant.
Best of luck; hopefully with enough support from NCOTAASD stalwarts, the Council should sit up and take notice.
All the best
Wifey replies: Thanks. And yes, a great big new car park or houses are a worry!

Glad tidings to you and yours too.