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The stuff from before on NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown ...

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Biscuit Voting Results

We asked you to cast your votes, and you responded in your thousands, hoorah! So now we can reveal the results of your favourite biscuits, your most regularly eaten biscuit and which one you really can't stand.

You have all been very good waiting for results but now we have revealed them we'll need to shut the poll as it might affect new votes. It's just like in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, when the contestant says what they think the answer is then asks the audience, and we don't want that do we.

Of course this picture may account for the Pink wafer being the top Yuckiest biscuit

UPDATE Much to Wifey's horror I've gone a bit Peter Snow with our results, and put up advanced analysis features. You can now view the results sorted according to their calculated loyalty factor.

Wallace and Gromit inspired tea inventions

PG Tips official sponsor of the new Wallace and Gromit feature film The Curse of the Ware Rabbit, have been inspired by the inventive duo. They got in touch to let us know about the great new Cuppa Contraptions they've come up with.

Who amongst us can honestly say that we haven't dreamed of having a remote control kettle? Well PG and mobile phone network Orange have combined their know how to create a kettle that you can set boiling by sending it a text. If Tomorrows World was still on the telly they would have had kittens over this.

Cracking good cuppa contraptions

And whilst they were at it they came up with the Gromit shaped Thermo Nose mug, and the Brewometer tea strength aid. You can find out all about these tea making boons and how to get hold of them on our Cuppa Contraptions page.


Congratulations to Victoria Worton from Lanarkshire who won the Wallace and Gromit goody bag and a years supply of PG Tips. Commiserations to everybody else who took part, including the two people who thought that PG Tips teabags are round, and the chap who entered himself twelve times using different email addresses.

Now in paperback

We are bouncing up down with excitement as our book is published in paperback on September 1st 2005. It's remarkably like the hardback, only with a new cover which as you see is covered in biscuits, nineteen different sorts, plus a couple of jaffa cakes.

Other innovations include its categorisation as Humour, which is nice and should stop it turning up in odd places such as the travel books, as the hardback has been known to do. Also the tricky to read for some, orange on orange and orange on grey sections are now easy peasy orange on white. To find out more then visit our book page.

Buy it on Amazon

Look at the lovely cover

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