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Your up to the minute source for news in the fast moving world of tea and sit downs.

If you have some nice news that you think we should know about, it might be that you've spotted a long lost biscuit, or maybe you've found somewhere that does splendid tea and sits downs, then why not email us at the usual address.

PG Tips want to say thanks

Tuesday 14 Oct 2008 Reporter: Nicey
PG tips is scouring the nation for people who have made outstanding contributions to the world of tea drinking. Whether you have served PG tips for decades as a tea lady, always get the rounds in at work, or have simply cheered others up over a cuppa, PG tips wants to know and wants to say a big thank you.
Why the thank you? Well for some time now PG tips has been teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure the sustainable sourcing of its tea. Every cup of PG tips tea drunk continues to support tea farmers and their families, so this nation of dedicated tea drinkers can give itself a pat on the back for choosing to brew up delicious PG tips tea.
Brits get through more than 150 million cups of tea every day and with Rainforest Alliance’s seal of approval every sip of PG tips tea really does count! To say a special thank you PG tips is going to lay on the ultimate tea drinking experience for four lucky winners and their colleagues, You can all sit back and enjoy butler service and an all-round tea drinking oasis in your very own workplace by emailing stating why you deserve this treat. The lucky winners will also receive an amazing tea drinking kit, including a year’s supply of PG tips (four boxes of 240 tea bags), an eco kettle, a signed picture of Monkey, and a Monkey mug. So if you always make a cuppa for a friend when you put the kettle on, or you remember to buy your workmate’s favourite biscuits for tea breaks, let us know about it!
Tea is the second biggest export in Kenya and so the way in which it is farmed has a big impact on the lives of the people in the country. The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ status earned by PG tips’ tea suppliers helps to ensure that tea farmers and their families receive a good education, good health care, housing and earn a decent income. Rainforest Alliance and PG tips are also helping to protect the natural habitat where tea is grown.