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McVities reveal vital dunking statistics

Wednesday 13 Sep 2006 Reporter: Nicey
McVitie’s have polled over 2,000 people to determine what it is about Dunking we love. The Ginger Nut is Britain’s favourite dunking biscuit (25%) with the Digestive and Rich Tea following closely behind (22% and 19%). Figures show that 82% of British tea slurpers and coffee addicts are regular dunkers. This backing for ‘The Dunk’ is announced today to mark the launch of the McVitie’s National Dunk Debate – a nationwide celebration of McVitie’s biscuit-eating habits to find out if we really are a nation of biscuit dunkers or just crunchers.
McVities have planned a series of regional sampling days across the UK in September and October. To find out more, simply visit
Who are these dunkers?

  • If you’re a 35 year old housewife from the West Country, you’re more likely to dunk than anyone else in Britain
  • If you’re a 55 year old male accountant from Scotland, you dunk more Ginger Nuts than any other profession and over any other biscuit
  • Engineers dunk more than any other profession (88%). You’re also probably a dunker if you are an office worker or lawyer (87%)
  • Most students admit to having a dunk every day (10.4%)
  • IT workers dunk when no-one’s looking (23%) – more than any other profession
  • Women are secret dunkers. Whilst 70% of men admit to a private dunk, it’s nearly three-quarters of women (74%) who do it solo

When do they do it?

  • The British feel most comfortable dunking when they’re at home with their families (75%)
  • But dunking can be a solitary pastime with 73% of Brits also confessing to a ‘dunking session’ when they’re home alone

And where do they do it?

  • Over 10% of Brits dunk at work when they think their colleagues aren’t looking (12%)
  • It’s reassuring to know that we Brits still have our airs and graces. A mere 6% of us would ever dare to dunk in a posh restaurant

Regional habits

  • If you’re from Cornwall or Devon, a true Yorkshire man or you’re a Geordie, you are more likely to dunk than any other person in Britain (88%, 84% and 91%) respectively
  • Scots are the least likely to dunk their biscuits in their brew (69%)
  • Brummies are the most sociable dunkers (79%) – but the Cornish need to get out more, as over three-quarters (81%) admit to private dunking
  • Scots voted Ginger Nuts their favourite dunking biscuit (33%), the Northern Irish voted for the Digestive, and those from East Anglia voted Rich Tea in (23%)
  • HobNobs received more votes from Northern Ireland than any other part of Britain (31%)
  • Britain’s real chocoholics live in the south-west. Over a quarter (26%) voted to dunk Chocolate Digestives or Chocolate HobNobs
  • Londoners favour tea as a dunking drink (83%) whereas our Geordie counterparts choose coffee (53%)
  • Scots are more likely to save their dunking for the evening (60%)