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Nice News

Your up to the minute source for news in the fast moving world of tea and sit downs.

If you have some nice news that you think we should know about, it might be that you've spotted a long lost biscuit, or maybe you've found somewhere that does splendid tea and sits downs, then why not email us at the usual address.

Biscuits are crucial in business

Monday 2 Jun 2008 Reporter: Nicey
In a survey of over a 1000 business professionals carried out by Holiday Inn last year over 80% claimed that the biscuit selection could influence the outcome of a meeting. Of course this comes as no surprise to readers of NCOTAASD as we have often been asked for a bit of impromptu biscuit consultancy by those enlightened types who want to ensure that their meeting goes as smoothly as possible. We have also heard what a negative impact poorly chosen biscuits can have.
Holiday Inn's survey found that the most popular choices as sensible biscuits were chocolate digestives, shortbread and Hobnobs. They also found that 2 biscuits was considered a polite quantity for people to take.
In our opinion its fair to say that those dreadful continental biscuit assortments are the kiss of death to a good meeting. Not only are the biscuits covered in very bitter chocolate that doesn't go well with tea, they are also small and unsatisfying. This leads to a lack of focus as people either day dream about proper biscuits or try to figure out which of the woefully undersized selection is the least objectionable.