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Nice News

Your up to the minute source for news in the fast moving world of tea and sit downs.

If you have some nice news that you think we should know about, it might be that you've spotted a long lost biscuit, or maybe you've found somewhere that does splendid tea and sits downs, then why not email us at the usual address.

Gipsy creams found on East End Market stall

Monday 18 Apr 2005 Reporter: Nicey

This startling picture of an empty pack of Gipsy Creams was taken today at NCOTAASD HQ, and proves that McVities are still manufacturing the much sought after biscuit. The 'Best Before' date of 19 Nov 2005 is clearly visible and proves that the United Biscuits plant in Glasgow is still producing Countdown host Richard Whitely's favourite tea time treat.
Over the last year we have received a handful of sporadic sightings including one in a hospital day centre in Plymouth, but this is the first concrete evidence. The pack was secured by NCOTAASD reader, Jez Owen from Leather Lane market, London EC1, off the stall nearest to the Holborn end. Jez also popped in two which he saved back for us, and I can confirm that they were very nice actually.
Hopefully more sightings will now come to fore, and the distribution of this rare biscuit can be pieced together.