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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Mint Viscount Review
Nicey replies: Orange Viscounts are thought to be missing in action in their proper full size versions, but I think you can get tubs of mini ones which seems awkward and fiddly, mint or orange.

Chris Timony

Mint Viscount Review
Nicey replies: Well then that's the Mint Viscount, the Mint Penguin and the Mint Club all scuppered too.

Mrs Sarah Viscount

Mint Viscount Review
Nicey replies: Very Good Mrs Viscount,

Now what do you think your friend can go with out till Christmas?

The Lovely Rebecca

Mint Viscount Review
Nicey replies: Well if there is something else in there they don't list it on the ingredients which is illegal. Here is a close up cross sectional picture of a Mint Viscount, clearly there is no 'third' layer. A very small amount of chocolate seepage can be seen in the bottom left at the extreme edge of the mint cream biscuit interface but this no more than about 1-2 mm.

We'll be generous and say that his thinking may well be confused by the effect seen in Marshmallow teacakes where the gelatine based mallow interacts with the biscuit to give a shiny and darker surface when the mallow is peeled off.

Helen Lo
Pink Wafers

Mint Viscount Review
Nicey replies: Helen,

Well the primary difference between the Viscount and Yo-yo as I'm sure you know is diameter and depth, with the Yo-yo being wider and thiner. Sadly the Yo-yo was discontinued by United Biscuits in 2003, which is why I omitted them. WIth the exception of the Abbey Crunch I wanted the biscuits all to be currently available.

As for differences in male and female preferences there are not really any strong trends apart from a much higher tolerance of Chocolate by the females, and hence their enhanced ability to enjoy Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Triple Chocolate cookies. Men compensate with the ability to put up with smashed up, past it's sell by date, and generally iffy biscuits if nothing else is to be had.