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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Mike Percival
Biscuit tinDunkingRest In Peace

Lincoln Review
Nicey replies: Hello again Mike,

Yes its quite common to find 4-5 month BBE dates on biscuits when one actually has cause to take notice. It is in the nature of NCOTAASD's mission to have to sample biscuits which are very close to or have actually passed their BBE date. The simple truth is the fresher they are the better, and particularly for shortcake biscuits like the Lincoln which seem to hold up the least well compared such things as Garibaldis and Gingernuts.

I think you are probably doing about all you can possibly do. Excluding moisture, light and extremes of heat are about the best one could hope for. Maybe a protective atmosphere of pure nitrogen gas (as in crisp packets) if you have any compressed nitrogen and hermetically sealing vessels with valves to hand. Even with all of this the biscuits will still go off caused by inevitable and irreversible chemical changes. Indeed one of the arguments that kept biscuit manufacturers using hydrogenated fats for so long was that they prolonged the shelf life of the product.

These modern twilight Lincolns will have none of that. Devoid of hydrogenated fat, the last of a great and majestic dynasty of patterned shortcake biscuits. Like the giant Sauropods at the end of the Cretaceous Period 65 Million years ago, going about their business on the shelves of Sainsbury's unaware that they are about to be wiped out by the dispassionate comet of de-listing.

Perhaps they'll continue to find a place in that great seasonal biscuit assortment the Family Circle selection tin, (only its a plastic box nowadays) along side the Gypsy Cream

Mike Percival
Rest In Peace

Lincoln Review
Nicey replies: Mike,

Thanks for passing this on. Will this torment ever cease? I imagine that McVities moved production from flood stricken Carlise to their newly acquired Jacobs factories in Liverpool. Once again an object lesson in the extraordinary power of the large supermarket chains dealing with large manufacturers to actually snuff out products.

Marley Allin

Lincoln Review
Nicey replies: Thank you for this important information.

David Blaxill

Lincoln Review
Nicey replies: I too had slight boggling, which was a cunning sub-text to my suggestion that she sent a picture of her collection to us.

My Dad always maintained that he could go for a good Friday night out on 50p circa 1970.

Alison Russell

Lincoln Review
Nicey replies: I'm very impressed that you have Lincoln biscuit memorabilia at all, ours doesn't extend further than a few crumbs and the odd empty packet. Perhaps if you could forward a group photo of your collection it would inspire us all to biscuit memorabilia collecting too. Or perhaps some of us have some Lincoln biscuit memorabilia in the family and never realised it, presumably its covered in little bumps and has Lincoln written on it?