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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Steve Worrall
CakeJammie DodgerJamButter

Jam Sandwich Creams Review
Nicey replies: Right a great deal to get through here. First off that's a Jam Cream Sandwich which Fox's are building there, a Jammie Dodger is not only different not having cream, but is a built solely by Burtons. Its a bit like calling your Dyson Vacuum cleaner a Hoover. Sorry for the pedantic bit there but I would be remiss if I didn't wade in.

Any how the Mr Kipling Viennese whirl is avery undervalued thing, and in a great many European countries would get away with calling itself what ever it fancied. Cake or biscuit they wouldn't really care. However in the UK it would have to be a cake, and not just beacuse as we all know, Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good ones, and he made these, but also because I don't think it can be classed as a pastry as it has raising in it. If it was a pastry I would probably just join a circle straight to cakes in the mighty NCOTAASD Venn Diagram of such things which is always open for a bit of a fiddling with.

Dave Grennall

Jam Sandwich Creams Review
Nicey replies: Good advance planning skills. Of course depending on how deadly the seminar is depends on how carefully you'll have to think about the biscuits. If its really really dull then almost anything fancier than a Rich Tea will lift your spirits. You probably want to keep things within in reason as truly inspiring biscuits might cause you to rise up the shackles of your oppressive seminar and slope off for an early lunch, there by getting you into trouble.

I'm thinking Jam and Cream sandwiches, as they have those little protective plastic trays. Also there is a lot of action in the Burtons Cadburys range right now and you should find something there that has been unexpectedly half coated in chocolate, and in need of investigation.

Derek Newton

Jam Sandwich Creams Review
Nicey replies: Hello Derek,

Yes we have heard of this before but only indirectly. However, we can now confidently say that there is a chap called Derek who does this if anybody asks.

Sarah Ward
Jammie Dodger

Jam Sandwich Creams Review

Sarah Ward
Jammie Dodger

Jam Sandwich Creams Review
Nicey replies: Sarah,

Fraction 1 are of course 100% right. Fraction 2 are deluded and badly informed in the ways of biscuits, as they thinking of Jam Sandwich Creams.