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Your Views

Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

To help you work out what is what, are now little icons to help you see biscuit related themes. And now you can see at a glance which are the most contested subjects via this graph (requires Flash 6.0 plugin).

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Your e-Mails

David Blaxill

Fruit Shortcake Review
Nicey replies: Remain calm David.

We open the lid of our flask of piping-hot water, then pop in two tea bags. Wait a while, then use it just like a tea pot. Our milk is carried in a small glass Perrier bottle, liberated from the French this summer, which does the job very well.

Chris Bis

Fruit Shortcake Review
Nicey replies: The lack of a biscuits as weapons icon is becoming increasingly embarrassing.

A word of caution on the Garibaldis, modern ones are a bit drier and generally less chewy than those of antiquity. Just so that you are prepared, still certainly worth a good go. Also it is almost certainly your age, it is increasingly the reason for most standpoints I have on things. Wifey and I were very lucky to attend the Oldie magazine's 200th Edition party last week, were we told off by Patricia Routledge for not being old at all, however after a mere 5 or 6 drinks it took us both 2 days to recover fully.

Amber Cooper-Davies

Fruit Shortcake Review
Nicey replies: Amber,

You simply need to knuckle down and drink lots of tea. What will definitely help are some nice straight forward biscuits, nothing too fancy as you are looking for the tea to play its part in the proceedings, and not be drowned out. I would say try a few fruit shortcakes with your next cuppa and see how you get on. Also it helps if you really need your cup of tea, so I would suggest any number of physical pursuits to get your need for tea increased. Try short bursts of tidying up the house, between 15-30 minutes. This should have you screaming for a cuppa, sugar or not. If this doesn't work then you could always get a job on a building site, or in the NHS where tea drinking tends to part of the training.

Chris Bis
Cheese pleaseToast

Fruit Shortcake Review
Nicey replies: Maybe McVities should inject some gritty realism into their 'Crumbs' TV campaign to show people flicking crumbs about then suffering terrible elbow lesions as the lean on them.

As for the role of tea with toast and fry ups we often discuss such matters, behold the might of our toast icon, which can also be accompanied by the cheese icon.

Chris Bis

Fruit Shortcake Review
Nicey replies: I think its the Fruit Shortcake, it really gives way more than anybody ever asks of it.