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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

To help you work out what is what, are now little icons to help you see biscuit related themes. And now you can see at a glance which are the most contested subjects via this graph (requires Flash 6.0 plugin).

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Your e-Mails

Jo Crowther
World of BiscuitsFig rolls
Nicey replies: Hello Jo,

To make commercial fig rolls you need a big machine for extruding them, so what ever you come up with will inevitably have a bit of a homemade look to it. I think your main challenge is to get your figs to resemble the fig paste inside a fig roll, no doubt beginning with drying them. Maybe you'll have to see if the locals have any fig processing tips you can assimilate. After that you are really into jam rolly-polly territory using a sweet pastry that I think you'll find needs some egg yolk in it.

Andreas Kissel
World of Biscuits

Lidl's Choco Softies Review
Nicey replies: Andreas,

The whole German nation should be very proud indeed of what they have achieved here, please pass on Wifey and I's warmest regards to them.

James M
World of Biscuits
Nicey replies: Well I'm sure the people in your office who have been giving you a hard time for buying Italian 'lady fingers' probably have a good point. After you have seen them off you best reclaim your dignity by getting some proper biscuits. You could try and state your case in a review if you think it will help.

Alison Debenham
ChocolateWorld of Biscuits
Nicey replies: Alison,

Well everything I've ever had from Spain has been truly grim, so really I just hope hope she survives the episode with out too much biscuit trauma. If she finds something passable to eat in the way of biscuits that would be a major find indeed and worthy of further study.

I'm pleased to hear you know somebody with a goat farm. Wifey and I were once surrounded by goats whilst cycling in France, and I feared for the baguette strapped to the back of my bike, as I ploughed through them. Afterwards I thought that I may never experience that particular emotion (goat bread stealing fear on a bike) ever again.

I'm slightly miffed I don't have a goat icon.

World of Biscuits

Bahlsen Orange Choco Leibniz Review