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Your Views

Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

To help you work out what is what, are now little icons to help you see biscuit related themes. And now you can see at a glance which are the most contested subjects via this graph (requires Flash 6.0 plugin).

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Your e-Mails

Jim Fussell
Nicey replies: Hello Jim,

Good to hear from you. There is a certain book with your name in the acknowledgements that opens with a chapter on this self same dire scenario. We'll have an extra cuppa here at NCOTAASD HQ to show our support at what must be a very difficult time for you.

Jane Ferguson
Nicey replies: Jane,

I think your classification system is overly complex. You simply need to divide everything into proper tea (like your number 1), and not proper tea. Now the Redbush stuff simply is classified as 'not proper tea' which seems fair.

Gareth Griffiths
TeaVending machines
Nicey replies: Excellent, I've just blown the dust off the vending machine icon.

Ben Hardy
Nicey replies: That story seems to be laying the blame with the 20-30 year olds for not drinking enough tea, but in these circumstances I blame the parents too. My niece who will soon be 18 up till now hasn't drunk tea, coffee or anything much really (water and squash I suppose). She realised that to make her way in this world she has to drink tea. Therefore she has taught herself how to do this in the last six months. Naturally we are all very pleased and somewhat relieved. Especially my sister who feels she is somewhat off the hook now, re raising a non-tea drinking daughter.

We can all do our bit to help by making sure that everybody who should be drinking tea does so. Gentle persuasion such denial of access to biscuits unless drinking tea can help. Personally I think it's morally just to insist tea drinking is mandatory in all new employees, unless they can produce some medical reason why not. It should be on CVs in the beverages section, just above qualifications. Coffee drinking can just about be tolerated as most coffee drinkers are tea drinkers in waiting. People who just drink fizzy pop should be strongly encouraged to tea, or emigrate to some country where this is acceptable.

People who just drink herbal tea need to sort it out and start drinking proper tea (again medical exceptions will be grudgingly accepted as long as they accompanied by a 'I'd rather drink proper tea if I could').

There that's not too unreasonable is it?

Bruce Armstrong
CakeWorld of BiscuitsJamTeaCanada
Nicey replies: Thanks Bruce for that mammoth message, and all of that useful information on Canada, its biscuits, cakes and its tea. Also thanks for the tip off about a place in America that makes a decent cup of tea, after four years I think we may be edging towards double figures on that. You also managed a fairly respectable icon haul. If you had kept going a bit longer I'm sure you would have most of the others, and I felt particularly that the kettle and toast icons where within your grasp at one point.