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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Sophie Damoglou
ChocolateRocket Science

Tunnocks Tea Cake Review
Nicey replies: Yes Tunnocks are utterly brilliant really, and they were very nice and helpful when we were writing the book. Be careful in that biscuit aisle, you have a lot of pent up biscuit tension there and it might get a bit graphic if you are suddenly re-exposed to them, especially in a public place.

Jane Purdon

Tunnocks Tea Cake Review
Nicey replies: Extreme distress really means that ones margins of tolerance for tea broaden considerably. As you mention you'll often get given tea with sugar, which normally I would choke on, but can be tolerated in situations such hospitals etc. As for adding booze I would prefer to have a chaser thanks, maybe with an ice cube, and a little dish of nuts or perhaps some twiglets.

Diana Wright
Nicey replies: No it doesn't sound like a very plausible subject for book. The younger members of staff enjoy something with a bit of mild peril in it such as the Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl, or the collected works of Fireman Sam (although they are completely un-impressed by my dazzling range of Welsh characterisations ).

Jez Owen
Seek you the Grail
Nicey replies: Jez,

This is the biscuit equivalent of catching a Ceolacanth, you must be very pleased. Of course we would like to publish photographic evidence of the existence of these biscuits, and to check their best before date. Better still would be the location of the market stall so we send one of our biscuit agents to investigate.

Helen Rees
CakePink WafersTeaPicnics
Nicey replies: Splendid we now have beans, soup and gravy as Thermos contents, but I'm willing to accept weirder ones, porridge perhaps?

As for the bases of Custard slices I had always assumed that this was puff pastry that had been transformed by the immense humidity and pressure exerted by an inch and a quarter of custard, into a strange slighty glassy substance. Perhaps custard slices are a model of some geological processes such as the laying down of sedimentary rocks, or the earth's lithosphere.