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Your Views

Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Hiromi Miura
World of BiscuitsJapanese Black Thunder
Nicey replies: Hello Hiromi,

I think any of us would have bought 24 choco-pies to get our hands on a genuine Dr You stationery set, so don't feel bad about that. I haven't spotted Dark Chocolate Hobnobs as yet I'm sure we'll see them soon though.

I think also we can see Dr You's basic plan, it involves fruit, dairy products and chocolate cakes. I hope he surprises us next time round with some strange combinations maybe involving fish or cabbage.

Keith O'Kane

Tregroes Toffee Waffles Review
Nicey replies: Keith,

You know it was a very similar set of circumstances, that is the initiation of colleagues into various biscuits that led to the setting up of NCOTAASD all those years ago. I'm sure your altruistic virtues will be shining bright too as you clear the supermarket shelves of educational biscuits.

Steve Blyton
Seek you the Grail
Nicey replies: Thanks Steve, this is all new to me.

Mark Hamlett
TeaVending machines
Nicey replies: Mark,

Thanks for the heads up on that.

Nicey replies: Sigh.. another one of those lovely designer chappies has come to the aid of all us hapless tea drinkers and dunkers with some woeful bit of tat that is supposed to turn our lives around. Doesn't it ever cross these peoples minds that if you like to dunk biscuits in your tea then you might have actually become semi proficient at it and not require some basket device in your cup. Besides which its your tea, its not some kiddies paddling pool filled with plastic toys.

Honestly there is only one thing worse that the designers who can't see over the brim of their own tea cup for inspiration, and thats the web-designers wishing for somebody else to make them a cup of tea cause they are too busy / bone idle to make it themselves. Not so busy that they can't while away a few days/weeks knocking out some web page thingy that is going to choose somebody next to them to go and make it.

Recently Cravendale Milk got in touch to say they were working on a super secret tea related web application, and were we interested. I said yes but I hope its not one of those 'Who's turn is it to make the tea?' sort of things as they had been done to death. They went quiet for two months.. then came back to us saying, yes it was indeed a 'Who's turn is it to make the tea sort of thing' and it was all but ready to go. If they had asked we could have given them our painfully distilled wisdom about why these things are a all a bit useless and given the amount languishing out there un-used a really sure fire way of paying some web-designer to a load of cash to re-invent a particularly un-necessary wheel.

Well here it is. Their innovation is that it doesn't let you send the 'make the tea' message again for another 2 minutes after you have just sent it. I just thought of two ways round that just this second. As always it chooses people at random, rather than in order, and it's completely unaware of people's days off, holidays etc. As I said they only had to ask.