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Your e-Mails

Phil Harris
Nicey replies: Oh yes that was all duly noted. We often drive past and take the train through Bishops Stortford so obviously it comes as a great relief to us to know that council staff have been trained up in tea making safety. The foreboding that a scalding hot cup of tea might come sailing out of an open council office window has now significantly reduced.

Jack Briggs
Fig rollsTeaSeek you the GrailDunking
Nicey replies: Hello Jack,

First congrats of your website I think its lovely, I particularly liked the snickets and ginnels. I'm left wondering what use I should make of this detailed information, I feel like I have had one those intelligence briefings that operatives get before going into the field. It seems as shame not to capitalise on the fact that I now know you can get from the chemists to the bus shelter via a little path. The bridges were terrific too.

Anyhow, Peek Freans as a manufacturing company hasn't existed for years (about 20). After many take overs and mergers its brands and products passed to Jacobs who still used to bake the odd thing and label it as Peek Freans, mostly selection tins. Now Jacobs in the UK has passed to United Biscuits, (McVities/Crawfords) and we all know how many Digestives they make. Jacob's in Ireland were bought by the Fruitfeild group and still bake biscuits in Dublin. There is some cross supply between the two Jacobs for obvious reasons of economy, so some products in Ireland are baked in the UK and visa-versa. There is also a Peek Freans in Canada although I haven't been able to establish its precise connection to the original London based company set up in the 19th century. It seems logical that this was an offshoot that has gone its own way, and many of its products seem like very traditional lines indicating a branching from the parent company many years ago.

Fig rolls by the pound, wonderful.

No we are nothing to do with the BCCCA but we did pop round for a cup of tea once as we were passing by and thought we would go in and say hello.

Jim Fussell
Nicey replies: Jim,

Swansea isn't it. A nice pint of Felin Foel Double Dragon and tea and welsh cakes in the market whilst not ever buying lava-bread ever (well maybe once). I once had a very nice sit down in Singleton Park too.

Anyhow yes indeed greasy spoon tea policy. I'm sure that I've been to some where the tea was something that you bought into and once on-board were entitled to top ups much like coffee in an American Diner (obviously it wasn't easy for me to type that last bit). Still the main thing about the tea is you shouldn't feel it has been made especially for you, but that you are imbibing a brew that is being shared amongst the other people there in some sort of tribal fraternity. I find that's a very unique and primitive bond amongst strangers that you should all be drinking from the same pot/urn. It makes little individual pots seem somehow prudish, the individual changing cubicle of tea drinking. Perhaps its good for our tea inhibitions to guzzle down what ever we are given, in the communal tea drinking environment of a greasy spoon.

I'm sure I've completely wandered off topic by now.

John E Noir
Nicey replies: Excellent picture thanks John.

Dave Peregrine

Lincoln Review
Nicey replies: I did see one of those in my youth but I can't quite remember where. I have a feeling that a course of regressive hypnotherapy would soon have it out of me, but would this be a appropriate use of such a thing?

A big hoorah for Lincoln biscuits they are much misunderstood.