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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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CakeFruitTeaTea cosy
Nicey replies: Well that's really opened our eyes to the glamorous backstage world of a major international recording artist. We never knew it could be so refined. Of course it has to be a distinct advantage having your tea preferences emblazoned on your chest. Should you perchance to doze off you can be gently awakened with the cup of tea of your choice by any passer by. Wifey reckons George would do well to get one of your nice woolies too.

Nice Fruitcake and Tiffin shot too.

Bob and Amanda
Cork Hat - AustraliaTeaTea cosy
Nicey replies: Lots of places although it would seem you need to go anywhere that Tony Blair doesn't.

There are cafes in most London stations but they are tend to deal in charmless Danish pastries and paninnis. Your tea will be subject to whatever nameless catering teabag they shove in your paper cup and how hot their water is. Both of these important factors are usually beyond your knowledege or control.

I find the best places to simply be any every day back street cafe which London is full of. If they do bacon rolls or egg and chips then the tea should be up to scratch. The really good ones have giant teapots and use giant catering tea bags. I was very excited to be presented with one of these giant tea bags when I went to the Fields Cafe in Dalston.

Then of course you should check out definitive back street cafe site eggbaconbeansandchips and its sister site ateaandathink.

Andy Titcomb
HolidaysTea cosy
Nicey replies: I think we may have spied a few of your teapots when we were on tea tour in Cornwall the other year.

I took this picture in Lakes teapots next to the quay in Looe.

Ben Riordan
TeaTea cosy
Nicey replies: You are very wise to plan ahead like this. Wifey just returned from a short girls trip to Florence with marathon running Bezzer, and she forgot the tea bags (it normally falls to me to remember them). After four days of Liptons Yellow Label she returned home late Monday night in a quite scary tea frenzy.

I find those re-sealable sandwich bags do a good job. Providing you don't put too many tea bags in them (60-80) then they can be easily packed inside other things and act like tea flavoured flow wrap. The space inside of shoes is very appealing but you might want to double bag them for that.

Also six months is a long time, so you'll need to develop sensible techniques to maximise the longevity of your stash. I would suggest that you certainly look at our preferred two cups from one bag method, or the use of a small pot. Finally you might want to to get some more sent to you, or preceding your arrival. If your employer is sympathetic to your needs then maybe you can have some sent to a regional office by your colleagues back home. The setting of supply dumps are the sorts of techniques used by explorers, mountaineers and advancing armies to ensure vital supplies are in place.

Sarah Derryman
Tea cosy
Nicey replies: Yes you can see how ignorant I am of cutting edge teapot gadetry, and you're not the only one to pick me up on this. Still I think a few chips and the occasional missing handle add a touch of earthy personality to some of the more senior teapots, even if it does make them unpleasant and awkward to use.