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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

A T Lewney
CakeFruitJaffa cakes
Nicey replies: The Eccles cake is essentially a small fruit pie, and as such is a member of the cake kingdom. The fruit icon can be used against such things that merit it. However, I might need reminding from time to time to use it.

Huw Davies
CakeJaffa cakes
Nicey replies: Don't worry Huw the Mini Roll is a spent force, peaking over twenty five years ago in mid 70's when it enjoyed a high status along with many other now dated products such as Angel Delight and Surprise freeze dried peas. Many still dabble in the format, but the nation has moved on.

What worries me more is the tinkering that McVities are under taking with their product range as a whole. Last week I was forced to buy HobNobs in some kind of elaborate Pringles alike resealable cannister, at a price which was surely inflated due to the pointless cannister. I have no desire to add to the rubbish to be bulldozed in a land fill with a stupid little cannister thing. That's what a biscuit tin is for!

To make matters worse a friend bought me a packet of Mini Hobnobs so I could assess the biscuits as sweets thing. The little packet contained 8 mini Hobnobs each with a diameter of approx 34mm as opposed to 67 for the full size. After a some quick calculations it transpires that these wretched little biscuit-ettes were over twice as expensive as even their canister brethren.

So what's happening here? we are all being taken for a ride as United Biscuits try and wring out more cash from us using their well loved brands that were established via the honest and noble medium of a the packet of biscuits. This is short term gain but long term folly, as I fear the brands themselves will loose their sense of connection to people, which begins at a young age. The younger members of the NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown staff won't be raised on Mini-Hobnobs or those from a stupid cannister that's for sure. So what value is that brand going to be to them in 15 years time? Not much.

Toby Robertson
CakeJaffa cakes
Nicey replies: Toby,

Simple they are cakes, small ones but cakes none the less. Check out the links along the top of the page 'Cake' and 'Biscuits', for my opinion and that of the Irish Inland revenue.

Mr Hands
CakeRocket ScienceJaffa cakes
Nicey replies: Mr Hands,

Glad to hear that you are helping our American cousins appreciate the finer things in life. That's a lot of heavy cake action your indulging in there, but as it's between consenting adults that will probably be all right. Just be sure that you respect each others limits when experimenting with multiple cake techniques.

Some of the finest cups of tea I have had have been made on the tops of mountains on a meths stove fighting off sheep, who are trying to eat my digestives. A somewhat different experience to that of yours last night but both are valid.

Yes and Happy Birthday to Miss Hands.