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Fox's Whipped Creams Review
Nicey replies: So now we have Italian American gangster Danda formed from the against nature union of a Dog and Panda (I'm guessing a chimera is the only possible way this could happen especially given Panda's breeding record with their own species )... who appreciates biscuits. I did think his mouth looked all wrong but now its probably very life like.

Joan McSwiggan
CakeJamTeaPersonal mug
Nicey replies: Joan,

Thank you for that lovely picture of the cup cakes. It sounds like a charming event.

And talking of small cakes and tea urns. Wifey and I manned the tea and cake stall at the school fair last Friday and that little lot would have traded at 20p each which at rough first count comes to 22.80. Unfortunately due to some bad planning and people neglecting to write SOLD on some of the cakes we did manage to sell a few twice, although both Wifey and I were prepared to fight our corner if Sir Alan dragged us into the board room.

Penny T
Nicey replies: I wonder if it's your water? We noticed that our trick of using one tea bag for two mugs which works well enough here for Wifey and I failed when on holiday in Ireland with softer water. This could also explain why the local blends over there were very much stronger.

Have you moved house to one with a water softening system, new kettle or something?

Pete McWilliam

Bahlsen Orange Choco Leibniz Review
Nicey replies: As luck would have it our book contains a small section on this very topic, where we look into the problems faced by the wicked witch in Hansel and Gretel. Unfortunately not being architects we completely overlooked thermal conductivity, permeability and compressive strength. We did consider what materials could be used to bond the biscuits together and also the impact that flocks of starlings might have on your roof.

I think wafers would have a low thermal conductivity and Ginger nuts a high compressive strength. There aren't really any water proof biscuits so I think you would need to go for something chocolate covered that you could bond together. Choco Liebniz might make a great roofing material, expensive mind but I'm sure you can justify the cost.

Let us know how you get on.

Mrs Liveinabin
Nicey replies: Hello Mrs Liveinabin,

Good luck with all of that it sounds very enlightened. I used to enjoy collecting the YMOS from nursery, a few years back now, on biscuit baking days. There is something unique about biscuits that have been rolled and battered flat over an over again into a tough leathery dough by tiny people. They end up like a sort of biscuit jerky. What makes this even more of a delicacy is the fact that you have enter into lengthy negotiations just to get a bit of your toddlers solitary biscuit which they guard jealously.

If I was to conscience the exploitation of child labour then it would be to knock up the occasional batch of their rock hard biscuits.

Alas we don't seem to have a suitable icon for such an important topic.