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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Mary Evans
FruitSeek you the Grail
Nicey replies: Mary,

Luckily for you I just had an email from Peter Gilbert who out of the blue said "One biscuit that I can recall from my youth in the mid '50's, was a digestive type of biscuit, I recall it being a little larger than the general digestives then available, but flavoured with and marked out like pineapple. Suited my sweet tooth!"

James Singleton
Seek you the GrailDunking
Nicey replies: Yes we have heard of it from several people although this is the first time we have had a manufacturer mentioned. I think it might have suffered from being presumptuous in many peoples eyes. A bit like calling a vehicle a 'shopper', when lots of cars/bikes are perfectly able to go the shops and do many other things besides.

Sarah Campbell Kennedy
Cork Hat - AustraliaSeek you the Grail
Nicey replies: They are actually made under licence by Arnotts and are their version of the South African biscuit the Romany Cream made by Bakers. We reviewed the originals some time ago.

You can get Kingstons in the Australian shop in London's Covent garden although they are loads of money.

Seek you the Grail
Nicey replies: Yes I know the chappies, they were a shortcake biscuit much like a Lincoln. They also had cousin which had a raised square lattice pattern on the top. I'm not aware of either of these having formal titles beyond 'Shortcake' biscuits, but somebody may know different.

Ray Blake
World of BiscuitsSeek you the Grail
Nicey replies: Hello Ray,

Right I've never encountered the biscuits of which you speak, they do sound like an import. The remembrance of a foil inner pouch is very indicative of Bahlsen as this would be their 'Tet' packaging. However its likely that other continental manufacturers would have adopted a similar format to the market leader, so its by no means certain.