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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Peter Turpin
FruitBiscuit tinHolidays
Nicey replies: I always advise in these situations just steaming into them in the hope that you'll get sick of them. Mind you biscuit enthusiast Andrew who I used to work with tried that with Double Coat Tim Tams, but the whole thing got away from him. Last I heard he had enrolled in the local gym and lost two and half stone.

I'm sure I had a cream tea near the valley of the rocks years ago, it was a long time ago but it was a good one.

Cesca and Lucy
Biscuit tin
Nicey replies: Oh dear, this must be a very difficult time for you. Unfortunately biscuit barrels are a bit hard to come by nowadays. There are really three viable options as I see it.

1) Get a christmas Selection tins and use the left over tin.

2) Get yourselves into your local pound stretcher type shop, you'll almost certainly get some sort of bargain and if you're lucky it might have tacky pictures on it.

3) Go to a proper shop, and pay over the odds for something.

I would stay clear of the cookie jar school of design, as they tend to be too heavy for carrying around.

James McCaul
Biscuit tin

Digestive Review
Nicey replies: The accepted wisdom is that the Digestive has been rendered stale and nasty through neglect. I've not encountered anybody before who enjoys stale digestives, however, the Irish Kimberley biscuit tastes a bit stale and odd like a digestive that has been left out overnight in the garden. It is widely believed by me, that you need a special gene to enjoy Kimberleys which only the Irish or their descendents have. Perhaps this could be the explanation.

James replied "Mccaul is an Irish name and my family were originally Irish! I am thourghly impressed by your deductions and all round biscuit/genealogy knowledge."

Paul Wilson
Biscuit tin
Nicey replies: We have one of those, (see our Biscuit Tin Awareness Week item) but it was a Christmas selection tin for crackers from Sainburys or maybe M&S. Some people can't cope with the effects of the little drying out thing and I've heard tales of people removing them from the lids of their tins.

Chris Thompson
Biscuit tin