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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Chris Rayment
Smells like biscuits
Nicey replies: That's all very thrilling reading, tales of baked bean development, rancid pot noodles and brown sauce accidents. Perhaps you could have your own scent made like Sarah Jessica Parker, based on Brown Sauce of course. It would no doubt be alluring to those who like meat pies and chips. Actually the younger members of staff think that not only has Sarah Jessica Parker annoyingly got my initials, but by calling her perfume 'Lovely' she is encroaching upon my parlance too.

Laurel James
Cork Hat - AustraliaSmells like biscuits

Tim Tam vs Penguin Review
Nicey replies: I think its nice when places like large parts of a City smell of biscuits and the like. When I used to live in Norwich twenty or more years ago the Rowntree Mackintosh factory (subsequently Nestle), used to make the entire city centre smell of chocolate. I don't know if the could help it or not or whether they just did it as a public service. Mind you Cardiff city centre smells a bit odd from time to time due to Brains Brewery making Brains SA Bitter (I've been told SA stands for Strong Ale, Skull Attack or Sick Afterwards).

Mike Turner
Pink Wafers

KitKat Review
Nicey replies: Mike,

The Tunnocks is a biscuit, the Kit Kat might be a biscuit and the Chocolate Waffle isn't although it would probably like to be.

Jamie Kirk
World of BiscuitsCork Hat - Australia

Tim Tam vs Penguin Review
Nicey replies: Jamie,

Thanks for that useful info. Probably most useful to Australians who find them selves not in Australia as they are prone to do. They get a bit animated when the subject of Tim Tams comes up so its best and safest to take a couple of steps back and let them get on with it. Those three varieties are the core of the range. I liked the double-coats.

Still fingers crossed you might come across some Penguins too.

Sue Northcott

Maryland Specials Raisin, Oat, Choc Chunk and Maple Syryp Cookies Review
Nicey replies: Yes the Bwlch ice cream eating sheep are are indeed one of South Wales' most spectacular tourist attractions. I think we stopped there once as a child and then after that learnt our lesson and would simply drive past slowly, laughing at people being set upon by marauding sheep. I found this photo on flickr. Aren't these the same sheep that have learnt to cross cattle grids by laying down and rolling across them?