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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Jordan Torbiak
Pink WafersWorld of BiscuitsFig rollsCanada
Nicey replies: Thank you for those thoughts.

I tried Pink Wafers again this week, in a grim experiment instigated by a work mate (Rimmingtons, Rinky dink Pink Panther wafers no less). Maybe it was the vitamins and minerals supplements as each wafer contained 10% of the RDA of zinc, iron, Vitamin C, B12, A folic acid, thiamin, and riboflavin, but they tasted bloody awful. I tried to think of something that might taste that bad and decided that stretches of tha A13 between Dagenham and Purfleet would probably hold their own in a taste test.

Spyder Johnson
ChocolateFruitThe French
Nicey replies: You've hit a raw nerve there Mr Webb. Indeed Club biscuits were once as you described them, their very reputation built on the amount of chocolate they carried on their exterior. My favorite was the orange Club which I would have with a cup of tea in my student common room circa 1982-1985. However, you obviously haven't had one of late or you would be as distressed as I am about the state they are now in. They no longer have a lot of chocolate on them!!! The French (Danone) took over Jacobs biscuits and the new Euro club is a sad shadow of its former glory. They are now longer flatter and with a thin film of chocolate over them. I have only seen Orange club biscuits, I don't know if they have dropped fruit and mint altogether. I can only guess at the anguish and trauma for the blokes at Jacobs when their life's work was turned into a travesty of its former self. This is why I haven't been able to bring my self to review Club biscuits.

World of BiscuitsFig rolls
Nicey replies: Thanks for that well meaning attempt to put me off the scent but we both know that the States is a big place so some of your fellow Americans must be scoffing Newtons, or else Nabisco would have canned them. Perhaps if you got hold of some proper Fig Rolls, you would come to terms with your Fig Newtons and even the Strawberry ones, which I have tried once.

Michele Cosgrove
Nicey replies: That is an appealing theory, a bit like Lamarckin vs Darwinian evolution. However modern biscuit scholars now realise that this is a case of parallel evolution in the vanilla and chocolate biscuit cream worlds, So whilst the two may appear related they do in fact have quite separate heritages. Simply tot up the similarities vs the differences. Similar, two biscuits and cream filling. Differences shape, sugar bits, patterns, placement of holes, and of course flavour. Thats 2 vs 4.

So short answer, No.

D Berry
Pink WafersJammie Dodger