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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Mike Howells
Pink WafersPersonal mugDunking
Nicey replies: Mike,

Fourthly congratulations to you on raising such an important topic. Mug handles are often over looked. I did briefly mention in the book the unsatisfactory nature of novelty shaped handles, but as you rightly point out small ones with that little corner bit on are just as disastrous, never mind having to carry six of them.

Gareth Yoxall
Personal mug
Nicey replies: Yes this is a very important issue, however, unlikely as it seems it is fairly much a an exercise in self regulation. Now when the government says its going to leave things for an industry to to self regulate you can usually read two things into it. One they don't think its much of a problem and two they don't want to spend a penny on it. In the case of mug size however, we all know when we are being handed an undersized mug and will take whatever steps are required to avoid it in the future. If it's being offered to you by an acquaintance or family member then a quick "Your mugs are a bit on the small side!" comment should prevent future run ins with it. Likewise for those ungainly oversized things that look like small saucepans, one is in danger of acquiring an RSI from drinking from. That's to say nothing of the very real danger of slipping falling forward and immersing one's entire head in scalding hot tea. I think probably the real problem in all of this are those tall thin mugs made from thinner porcelain. There seems to be a sub culture around these, and I'm afraid that Nanny Nicey has gone over to the dark side in her dotage. We acquired one from the Macmillan Cancer Relief and she has taken to it preferring a smaller cuppa, when joining in with Wifey's relentless tea schedule.

Jim Fussell
Personal mug
Nicey replies: Jim,

I have only been to one football match in my life (Swansea vs Wrexham, 1981), it was one of the dullest things I've ever had to endure, and I'm lumping in a whole lifetimes worth of waiting room experiences in with that. It was way more interesting watching the crowd. There was one leather faced old boy who most have been well into his eighties who could shout (what it was he shouted I couldn't make out) at a volume matching that of an express train passing by. He only did this on three seemingly random occasions, taking about twenty minutes to recover in between. Everybody completely ignored him despite his amazingly loud outbursts. If I recall the catering consisted of tea in polystyrene cups and hotdogs, I had neither. I can still remember the sense of jubilation that came at the end of the match when I was able to leave.

Anyhow good luck it all, I'm sure it needs doing I expect.

Victoria Wimhurst
Personal mug
Nicey replies: To be fair Victoria it's the numerous breaks in between actually drinking when you were merely holding the mug when you would be most likely to look at the side of the mug. Still molluscs have eyes in some unusual places so may be we could worry about them drinking tea from left handed mugs. Hmm. Right that's enough worrying about that.

Mary Dobson
Personal mug
Nicey replies: Mary,

No you are going to have to have it out with him. This is such a Friday type of thing to happen. Lulled by the inevitable slow down at the end of the week, his energy levels to find a clean mug have dipped and he has just grabbed the nearest one to hand. Obviously he quite likes it as its clean, full of tea and in his hand.

You are already harboring a good bit of resentment already although you appear to be quite polite about the whole thing. If you allow the situation to continue then its just going to gnaw away at you. Eventually you may snap in a fit of mug rage, which is best avoided. I would tell him nicely that he has been fortunate enough to try your mug, but now he needs to sort out his life and get his own mug, and that if you ever catch him using yours again then he'll need to bring you biscuits and make the tea for you for the next year.