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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Sara Tumalty
Fig rollsDunking

Fig Roll Review
Nicey replies: Sara,

Right first off I'm not sure what the biscuits are being subjected to, but if its just a straight forward see how long they can be dunked for then that's fairly meaningless. I can think of a two biscuits that could be immersed in boiling hot tea and shrug it off as if it had never happened, but I'll keep that to myself until I've been on the show.

As for the stale thing we have to debunk that on a regular basis, as it is riddled with exceptions. Indeed the preceding message I've just posted about the Irish Kimberley shows that they have to go stale rendering them hard before non Irish people trust them. It won't do to be sniping at the Fig Roll and trying to make out that it's not a biscuit but is a cake that somehow took a wrong turn and ended up in a biscuit packet. It's actually the filling of the fig roll that gives it a resilience against the hot tea rather than its pastry outer. Feel free to debate the nature of the Fig Roll at length but be aware that French have one that starts off crunchy and goes soft when stale, which we covered in our FigFest.

As for ginger nuts I think that was a good plan, If you had gone in with a Griffins one from New Zealand you might have won.

Helen Taylor

Kimberley and Chocolate Kimberley Review

Scouse Chris
Nicey replies: My friend in Primary School used to get a Farleys Rusk every day after school. He was a bit unhinged and used to bury all his toys in the garden, digging them up when he wanted to play with them. He also used to do a very good impression of his cat running fast in fluorescent lighting, which created a sort of stroboscopic effect with its legs. He could pretty well replicate this charging about on all fours on the school playing field. For this and a few other reasons, the strange taste you mention being another, I have always viewed rusks as something best left to infancy.

None the less you are right that they are an important proto-biscuit and probably deserve a proper review, which they have just avoided on a few occasions.

A Fish
Seek you the Grail
Nicey replies: There is a Gold bar made by McVities but I'm sure that's already been ruled out.

Sam Duggins

Malted Milk Review
Nicey replies: That is indeed troubling news, as Asda are usually a sure bet for Malted Milks. The Elks Malted Milks with the irreverent portrayals of Malted Milk cows are I feel undignified. One reader of the site carefully emailed me on two occasions with pictures of the afore mentioned biscuits, which I chose to overlook due to their demeaning of the classical form.

Sainsburys are usually a good bet too for Malted Milks.