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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

David H
Nicey replies: Good grief! The same insipid stuff that is foisted upon us the moment we step off of the shores of blighty? Pick some up on your next booze cruise to Calais I would reckon.

Adam Christmas
Nicey replies: Oh quite. I mean coffee doesn't get all this grief does it? Occasionally chicory or something tries to get involved, but it does have completely random things like stinging nettles, stinky old camomile, rose-hips or blackcurrant leaves passing themselves off as it. If I was tea I would be very indignant, and demand that they only assume the title of "herbal infusion", and use a different shelf entirely in the supermarket.

John Hogan
Nicey replies: John,

Of course this is a very important subject you have raised. Whilst it would be very satisfying to have a definitive answer so that anybody who veered from it could be roundly denounced as 'doing it all wrong', alas there isn't one. I mean personally I'm with you, and modern tea bags are made to deliver the goods very quickly in terms of brew time. However there will be some like your mate Ian who genuinely like the taste of stewed tea, (which it most certainly is). The fact that he wrings the bag, actually contributes to a stewed flavour. Now thats well and good, and if that's how he likes it then who are we to disagree, however, he should accept that he does like his tea stewed, and that in general most other people don't. If he were to make tea for the majority of other people in this way then they would pour it down the sink.

Rhydderch Wilson
Nicey replies: Well I can understand your pride in your cat's taste for tea, and of course dogs as you so rightly point out will of course eat virtually anything. I always think those Mr Dog pet food commercials are funny when the woman in the evening dress tempts her small white scotty dog with a plate of Mediterranean herb flavoured dog food (or something like that) with a small red rose on one side. I'm sure like most dogs it would be just as keen to get its teeth into the crust from the top of a cow pat.

Anyhow enough of this unsavory topic. I think the main concern is if you have to start making the cat a cup of tea as-well it could become a bit of a chore.

Diana Wright
Nicey replies: Oh how I wish I had a fish icon.