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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Susan Cook
Nicey replies: This is just exactly the sort of misinformed, delusional and slack thinking that needs nipping in the bud. It's a crispbread of course. We shall not even grace it with a list of reasons why it very obviously is not a biscuit.

Kristen Rupp
CakeFruitJammie DodgerJaffa cakes
Nicey replies: You seem to making very good progress towards a completely well balanced tea and biscuits outlook. The fruit cake will come in time. Ours is a very tasty and relatively light recipe not like those dark tarry masses that appear to have given it such a bad reputation in the US. I would have tough the Pacific North West is probably ideal fruit cake territory, providing it doesn't attract bears.

Hiromi Miura
World of BiscuitsJapanese Black Thunder
Nicey replies: Well done biscuit correspondent Miura,

Your quest for biscuit solace in Korea seems to be bearing fruit now. I like the double 61 it is surely some sort of sign. Very interesting that the biscuit has lactic acid bacterium, and well done on the tricky double translation. Your reward was that it made you feel a bit strange when you ate it before you got the hang of them.

Ian Holdaway
Jaffa cakes

Polish Jaffa Cakes Multireview Review
Nicey replies: Hi Ian,

Yes we often sing the praises of Lidl's Mr Choc Jaffa Cakes. A comparative pack of Mr Choc Cherry Cakes almost made it into the Polish review but were eaten before I had a chance to take their photo.

I get quietly annoyed at Lidls snobs, who really just don't get it. Lidls is a fantastic way of getting some pan-European supermarket stuff, without having to cross the channel, even their bread flour is distinctly continental, and like the Jaffa Cakes delightfully different for it. Apart from their biscuits if people don't want to buy a good Spanish Olive oil for 2 a litre or Bavarian Pilsner Larger for next to nothing then that's their business.

Pink WafersBiscuit tin
Nicey replies: Alexandra,

Having been educated to degree level at the same august if slightly concrete obsessed establishment as yourself I have first hand experience of subsisting on a student diet. One quickly learns to adapt to ones impoverished circumstances and try new foods as well as completely revising ones whole understanding of best before dates. I well remember some friends taking their lives in their hands as they cleaned out a catering size jar of mayonnaise which had been left in a house that they had rented. By the time they became desperate enough to do this they had already lived there for the best part of a year. The same house also proved very stimulating to its largely biology student residents due to its impressive use of assorted wall paper roll ends. These were all from the 1970s school of large orange flowers on a black background wallpaper design. The large poster they had of the H Bomb detonating at Bikini Atoll often struggled to outdo the wall paper for dramatic and imposing presence. More academic stimulation could be found behind one of the wardrobes which had its own ecosystem of slugs which were living on the tender shoots of a shrub which was managing to grow through the wall.

So I can only say with respect to your biscuits that you were fortunate to find them to your liking. I would say that the plastic bag would have helped to create a constant micro-climate in which your biscuits could exchange moisture with each other and what ever atmospheric moisture diffused in. This would allow them to go stale much more gradually which is after all why you bunged them in there in the first place.