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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Rocket ScienceTea
Nicey replies: Definitely a PhD in there, and possibly a whole new branch of mathematics.

Jenny Moss

Abbey Crunch Review

Rocket ScienceTea
Nicey replies: Adam,

The tea is simply trying to form a protective skin to stop you giving it any more abuse than you already have. Possibly in future we might have super powerful computers watching over our every move and advising us when we are in danger of making a really offensive cup of tea by bunging it a cross between a tin can and a thermos then blasting steam through it, I expect.

BTW I'm back on UK Food next Wednesday as apparently we failed to fit all of the biscuit universe into seven minutes.

(Its alright I know Adam personally so you can all be as rude as you like about his misguided tea making)

Kate Allen
Nicey replies: Kate,

Its not manifestly wrong, as it is manifestly possible for people who like their tea a certain way to use one bag to two mugs. I would not be after a second go on your bag if it were at the cusp of producing stewed tea, would I? Remember NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown defends peoples right to make tea how they like it.

Rob Byatt
Nicey replies: Well it just so happens in our 'Summer lets try some different tea bags' oddessy, that the Wife opened up our pack of Yorkshire Tea Bags this morning, sent to us by Taylors for evaluation. I did notice that they looked fairly large. I'll try my new cramming one onto a spoon and nodding sagely test in a little while. Also from Yorkshire, Bothams sent us some of their very nice Resolution tea bags which worked well and they easily made two mugs.

BTW We were up in Newcastle a little under 2 weeks ago, thats an awful lot of bridges you have there.