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Keith O'Kane
Fig rolls

Abernethy Review
Nicey replies: Well personally as I have mentioned in the past I had issues with Simmers Abernethy biscuits, that prevented me from buying them for years before I finally confronted them. I found their red and yellow packs a bit intimidating, so I have nothing but sympathy. Mind you just the other day in Sainsburys I was filled with the urge to thrust a pack of them in the hands of the mother and daughter who were almost coming to blows over a biscuit that would be both plain yet tasty. I assume as some form of self governing biscuit intake regime.

I toyed breifly with the idea of offering on the spot biscuit consultancy to all who appeared to need it but was distracted by box selection of Sainsbury's own organic biscuits, then the rest of team NCOTAASD turned up and ushered me to tills.

Harry Roberts
Nicey replies: Well Harry Roberts we'll put it to a poll. Without wanting to influence the outcome I would just like to mention that I really like them and they are made by Mr Kipling, and we all know what he makes.

The FrenchFig rollsIreland
Nicey replies: Bolands are a brand of Jacobs, being like Crawfords to McVities. We had a pack of those several years ago now and were rather stunned / appalled to see whale oil listed as an ingredient.

Gill Casey
Nicey replies: Yes I have some old reconnaissance photos of that area

We had a tea tour there some years back now and came across a tea place not far from CrickHowell in the village of Llangenny but this is east of Tal-y-bont so maybe the enchanted tea room is prone to manifesting itself in different locations.

Hiromi Miura
Japanese Black Thunder

Leafy Pie and Green Tea Pocky Review
Nicey replies: Hello Hiromi,

Once again you've alerted us to yet another blatant copy of somebody else's biscuit by the Koreans. They might not have anything to do with Pocky directly but everything about them is borrowed from Glico's Pocky something I'm even more certain of since receiving your training shipments of Japanese biscuits. Still it must be nice for you and your husband to find such a familiar biscuit in your new home and to have a whole day devoted to it.

I think that the unless they change the date it will probably not spread too far outside of Korea, as on that date we remember those who died in wars and conflicts especially the WWI and WWII as it coincides with the end of WWI. No doubt the Koreans have such a reflective time too, when we are probably doing something frivolous possibly involving biscuits, such is the nature of global biscuit celebrations and human strife.